It’s that time again: Three’s CRM is calling me twice a day now

You’ve got to love Three, or ‘3’, the challenger UK mobile network. They’ve got some phenomenal offers out there continually and they’ve got one of the fastest and most effective data networks known to man. 

However they are really shit when it comes to CRM and sales. 

I have, it seems, been stuck in a CRM cycle with 3 for quite a long time. I think it’s every 6-12 months or so they call me. 

This evening the number calling me was 08003584493. I didn’t pick up earlier when 08003583140 phoned me. It’s the same folk. Their computer dialler leaves a few seconds of static on the voicemail system and then moves on. 

Across the next few days I’ll likely get quite a few more prompts. If I can be bothered I will answer and listen to the pitch. I hope it’s interesting. Normally they try to sell me another £15/month contract — and then when I ask them for something I actually want, they have to politely decline because they don’t have permission to do that. 

Ah dear.

I write this as a reminder to follow up in May 2015 when I start getting the same calls again from the same number ranges. 

Here’s the rough dates from the last lot I can remember — I wrote blog posts chronicling the experience so I wouldn’t forget! 

– May 13, 2014: This post

– May 10-20, 2013: I’d just joined RBS so I don’t think I even had the time of day to look at my mobile

– May 21, 2012: “Three tried to flog me some stuff today

– May 10, 2011: “Three UK: Fascinating example of a missed sales opportunity

Update: They called again from 08003589145 and I thought it would be worth getting it over with. So I answered the call, thanked the guy from 3 for his time and declined his new offers. I’m in the market for some new products and services from 3 — however I didn’t even bother asking the guy if he could help, because I want to change my *existing* lines. He was only able to sell me new PAYG or contracts. Anyway that’s it for another 6-12 months. 

By Ewan

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4 replies on “It’s that time again: Three’s CRM is calling me twice a day now”

3 can be quiet pushy! Do miss their services. Axed all my accounts last August. Due to congestion that they wouldn’t fix for three months!

EE 4G. Have coverage in all the places I go now, even if it is still 2G in some places. 3G is very patchy in Vale of Glamorgan. Customer service could do with a lot of improvement though. I have 20GB. And I burn thru that and offload my usage onto WiFi too! Hahaha…

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