I absolutely love the bttn: “the simplest internet user interface in the world”

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I just came across this new standalone button. It’s connected to the internet, right? Press it and it will do something that you have predefined.

That’s it.


The simplicity is absolutely breathtaking.

So it’s a physical button that’s wirelessly connected to there internet to perform a task — anything, whatever you choose to specify — whenever you press it.


Think of the applications!

The bttn website gives some example use cases:

  • When a 6-year old daughter presses the bttn in the front hall, Daddy’s cell receives the SMS message “I am home! Emily (via button)”
  • Or when a shopper chooses a red button over green button when leaving a store, the customer satisfaction survey system’s negative feedback counter is incremented by one
  • Or when at a warehouse a pallet is ready to go, the pick-up bttn is pressed, and the logistics company receives a notification to send in a van.
  • Or, create the coolest doorbell, or the ultimate pizza-ordering device, just to impress your friends.

Incidentally the Pizza ordering thing isn’t new – see this story on CNET from March 2010. What is new is being able to dynamically configure the action that results from pressing the bttn.

For the geeks reading, here’s how it works:

“The [bttn] server offers you various configurable actions to trigger upon pressing of the bttn. Using a simple wizard, you can harness the power of various Internet technologies, such as HTTP, RSS, IFTTT, SmartThings, Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS messaging. And we’re building more choices all the time.”

The bttn is wireless, runs on 2 AA batteries, can be controlled from any browser, totally self-contained.

The real genius behind the bttn is that the possibilities are absolutely ridiculously endless. I do like the idea of a real-time feedback mechanism in a store or bank branch. That would normally be quite an arse to configure and deliver but with bttn, it would be so easy.

I like the idea of pressing a button as I leave the office which will automatically switch on the music, the lights and the heating in my home 20 minutes later. No need to even get out my phone!

The bttn is available for pre-order at the moment and shipping is estimated to begin in October. Each bttn costs €69.

I love it. Love it. Love it.

Find out more at

More of this please! Bring on the Internet of Things.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

5 replies on “I absolutely love the bttn: “the simplest internet user interface in the world””

Shame that it’s not BTLE because then it could be far smaller, as it would not have to have such a large power source. I have a spotter from quirky that is also WIFI and the vast majority of the space is due to the 2 AA batteries.
Spotter has sound, light, humidity, movement and temperature sensors, and like the button will fire a message when conditions are met (or not). I might just have to get a bttn too.

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