Motorola’s smart try-before-you-buy direct sales concept

This is a rather unique try-before-you-buy concept from Motorola as The Next Web reports:

The company is asking for just $0.01 upfront, in exchange for which interested customers are given a no-contract phone which they are free to try out for up to two weeks. Those taking part can personalize their device using the Moto Maker site as if they were buying the Moto X outright.

via Motorola is Letting Customers Trial a Moto X for 2 Weeks.

I am really keen to see how people react to this. If you’re in the market for a new phone and you’ve been admiring the Moto X, but for whatever reason, you haven’t wanted to make the commitment, this is a brilliant offer.

And especially if you’ve got a rather old phone, the brand-spanking-new Moto in your hand will compare very nicely.

Hopefully for Motorola, across the two weeks you have to trial the phone, you’ll become so enamoured that you’ll figure out a way to pay off the $349 balance.

Will more vendors do this? I think I’d probably buy a lot more handsets this way if I had the opportunity, especially if the vendors were smart about the payment methodologies (e.g. something along the lines of the pay-across-three-months model).

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One reply on “Motorola’s smart try-before-you-buy direct sales concept”

I spotted this as the other day and been thinking about it. This is a great idea. It’ll get people talking about the phone. Really hope this goes well so Moto does it more often and at some point let us Brits ave a play too.
Sony, LG, HTC, Asus, Nokia/Microsoft should pay attention to this!

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