Is this why Amazon needs to get into mobile?

As I was setting up my new LG G3 piece of Android joy the other week I inevitably searched for the Amazon app. I was looking for the main Amazon app — the one I use almost daily on the iPhone to order all sorts of things (Most recent purchases: 4x 9V batteries, 1 x Dry wipe noticeboard for the office).

I couldn’t find the app on the Play Store.

I presume there is one.

I’m sure there is one.

I eventually had to do a (ironic?) Google search for “Amazon Android App” and was able — I think — to determine that, yes, there is a ‘standard’ Amazon shopping app for Android.

Here’s what I see when I search for “Amazon” in the Google Play Store:


What am I missing? Why don’t I see all of Amazon’s apps right there on the ‘first page’ of Google Play results?


  • James Vincent

    That’s odd. I just searched for it and it was the 1st one up top. You weren’t missing anything. Blame The Play Store

  • Maybe it was tailoring the search to the LG G3 specifically and that hadn’t been rated for the app or something.

  • James Vincent

    OK fair point. But Amazon should have been ‘on the ball’ and prepared it for one of the greatest phone of 2014!

  • Well, if you’re missing something I am as well. I just did a search on a colleagues LG G3 and saw the same results!

  • maethorechannen

    While I’ve never had a problem finding Amazon apps on Google Play, nowadays I install Amazon’s Android app store app and install Amazon apps through that.

  • Ah good idea.

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