Update: I bought an LG G3 smartphone!

LG_G3_2This arrived today. If you don’t recognise it immediately, it’s the LG G3 (press release), winner at the Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress (it says so on the box!).

I thought I’d opt for the LG as it’s been far too long. I don’t know the LG PR team in the UK so I haven’t kept as up to date as I should have with the LG brand. The last LG I had proper, decent hands-on with was the…. wait for it… LG Renoir back in 2008. Here’s the intro piece (“The LG Renoir is a work of art” — see what I did there?)

Since then the company’s been through a few peaks and troughs. I think it’s fair to say that they’ve found their smartphone mojo in recent models culminating in the G3 (I’ve also ordered the LG Watch… in for a penny, in for a pound).

I spent about an hour setting it all up tonight and I’m more or less rocking with it.

First impressions are positive. I will see how I get on with it tomorrow — we’ll be recording some 361 Degrees podcast episodes so I shall vent forth there about the experience too.

Meanwhile in other news, my wife’s HTC One M8 has arrived… More on that and her reactions soon.

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