My Top 7 Apps: Peter Miller, Tangent Snowball

The next submission of Top 7 Apps comes from Peter Miller, Creative Director at Tangent Snowball.

Here’s some background on Peter’s company: Tangent Snowball is a digital agency that joins the dots between data, creativity and technology to help clients connect with their audiences and build on-going relationships. Their clients span a range of sectors and include clients such as The Labour Party, Carlsberg, SAP, Meridian Audio and Citroen. They have taken a lead in the development of innovative open source digital solutions with Oscar and TS Connect products. Built for flexibility, Oscar is used by Tata Group, PepsiCo and Carlsberg amongst others as an commerce solution.

Peter uses an iPhone 4s for daily use and lists his top 7 Apps as follows:

– – – – –

Timeful: Helps you actually do those things you keep saying you should do, but never find the time. Get fit, learn a language, meditate, whatever. It uses behavioural science to place to-dos and good habits into your day based on your available time, location and your past plans & successes.

Hyperlapse: Brilliantly simple user experience combined with some fiendishly sophisticated technology. The beautiful time-lapse videos it creates makes it the first app in a while that might actually make Android users jealous of our iPhones again.

Mindly: The closest thing to a blank whiteboard and marker you can get on your mobile. It’s a simple interface that makes it surprisingly easy to create complex mind maps wherever inspiration strikes.

Citymapper: The only transport app you’ll ever need for getting around London. The journey planner that considers cabs through Hailo, bike and car routes, or any combination of public transport (buses / tube / overground / even the Thames Clipper!). I’m a big fan of the personal dashboard with live departure times for your local bus stop or train station.

Jinn: Get anything from any store in London delivered to your house in under an hour, from groceries to sneakers to restaurant food. What’s not to love?

Monument valley: I love the calming, almost meditative play of this beautiful, surreal game from UsTwo. More please.

Flickr: With a terabyte of free storage, the ability to auto-sync my photos to Flickr is great – it helps me free up space on my iPhone without the hassle of hooking up to my Macbook and manually copying everything across. If I need an old photo later, I can download it at full resolution from Flickr, complete with EXIF data.

– – – – –

Some great ones there, thanks Peter! I’m pleased to see Peter is a Citymapper fan too. I just love that app. And I’m really interested to see that he’s a big fan of Jinn. Now that I’m not doing much work in London at the moment, I really haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet. I’m going to try and use it the next time we record a 361 Degrees podcast. Thanks again Peter!

If you’re interested in getting involved, and would like to tell us about your favourite 7 Apps, just drop me a line at Similarly, if you’re a PR who’d like to get an executive involved, just give me a shout!

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