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Nationwide’s mobile app wins Best Innovation award at the UXUK Awards

Congratulations to all my colleagues at Nationwide Building Society, the world’s largest mutual society.

In my capacity as Nationwide’s Group Head of Digital Capabilities, I went along to the UXUK Awards this evening, hosted on Microsoft’s huge London Victoria campus.

Nationwide was shortlisted for the “Best Innovation” category, but also had an interest in the “Best Student” award. I had no idea about the latter one! Jack Holmes, one of our team’s user experience super-geniuses, had been nominated for his recent student project, Remove Password Masking. Jack’s view is we should dump password masking on login forms — and he makes a highly persuasive point. The judging panel loved it.

Here’s Jack with his award:

Screenshot 2014-10-22 21.51.44

So after being surprised and delighted for Jack, I was justly apprehensive when it came to Nationwide’s turn. The Society had submitted it’s Impulse Saver function for consideration in the Best Innovation category. The function enables members to save an amount of money (e.g. £5) effortlessly with a few taps on the app — and, crucially, without having to login to the app. The feature was the subject of a considerable amount of user research and is exceptionally well used by the Society’s members.

According to this recent Nationwide press release, over £1.6m has been saved in about two months. Here’s some other stimulating points about Impulse Saver:

  • The average amount saved through Impulse Saver is £25.18 per click
  • Friday is the most popular day of the week for using Impulse Saver
  • People are 25% more likely to use Impulse Saver on a Friday
  • They save approximately 60% more on Fridays than the average
  • People are most likely to use Impulse Saver between 6am and 7am

It was rather exciting to see the team jump out of their seats and walk up to collect their award. Congratulations to the all!

Here they are all posing with their awards (Jack, John, Ashley, Surinder):

Screenshot 2014-10-22 22.07.52

And if you’re a Nationwide member — and you haven’t tried the mobile app — I strongly recommend you find it in the Apple or Google Play App Stores. It’s top rated and award winning!

I also made a little compilation video of the photos and videos using replayapp. Have a look here.

By Ewan

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