My Top 6 Apps: Annekathrin Hase from Mindlink

It’s time for another list of favourite apps. We have Annekathrin Hase, MindLink’s director of marketing and strategy;

MindLink provides integrated, secure Enterprise Group Chat for business use. Built specifically for Microsoft Lync™, MindLink works cross-platform (Mobile, tablets, Windows, Mac & Linux), is deeply integrated, secure and compliant group chat solution with advanced features & functionalities for businesses. It allows teams to exchange vital information real-time across the enterprise communicating more effectively. Bye Bye Email overload.

AnneKathrin uses the iPhone 5C at home and BlackBerry Passport at work. Let’s get on with her list…

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CityMapper: It just redefines what a good map/travel app should look like. Very easy to use, great interface and helpful ‘take me home’ & ‘take me to work’ settings– it has saved me more than once when I was lost

MindLink: Of course one of my favourites. I actually open up our group chat app before I even thinking about Email. I got all internal communications on one screen with the ability to prioritise what to look and action first. Saves me time and helps me make better decisions without the clutter.

HungryHouse: Can’t beat it when you fancy that Thai take away at 11pm. Has a great variety of cuisines and saves previous orders if you need great food fast

Uber: Live saver when the last tube has gone. Its ease of use and reliability just make it one of the best apps. Minimal waiting time and decent fares.

Weq4U: You can basically dial any 0845, 0345, 0870 etc number for free from your mobile. And if there’s a queue, you can set the option to be called back by the app so you save on airtime and queues

Zombies Run: Just makes your running workout so much more motivating and exciting. Instead of a boring 5k run you are part of an interactive game – imagine hearing zombie chase you – that’s interval training made fun. Run, run, run.

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Thanks to Annekathrin for her list. Definitely need to check out the zombies one!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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