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Nationwide is first to launch Android Wear quick balance app

Putting the 24/7 follow-the-sun development efforts of some of the world’s largest banks to shame, Nationwide Building Society, has launched it’s first ever Android Wear app (and, to my knowledge) ahead of absolutely everyone else on the banking High Street!

The app — Quick Balance — is an extension to the Society’s top-rated (and award winning) mobile banking app. This enables anyone with an Android Wear compatible device to easily query their account balances. It’s absolutely ideal for doing a quick check on-the-run.

The Quick Balance feature was introduced earlier this year enabling customers to check their account balance with one tap from the front screen of the banking app, without having to authenticate. It’s a feature that’s been thoroughly well received by the Society’s membership.

This has now been extended to Android Wear — so all you need to do is bring your watch up to your face, say “Ok Google,” to activate and then, “Start Quick Balance” and boom, you’ll then see the results.

As Group Head of Digital Capabilities at Nationwide, I haven’t been directly involved with the project but I know many of those responsible. Congratulations to them and the wider team at Nationwide for delivering yet another digital banking first.

If you’d like to try it out, you’ll need to (rather obviously) be a Nationwide customer first. Download or update the Nationwide app on your Android device and be sure to select the appropriate menu item (see image below) to enable Quick Balance on Android Wear. Do also enable the Quick Balance feature on the main mobile app too.

Then you should be all set to issue the “Start Quick Balance” command.

There’s more detail in today’s Nationwide press release.

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