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Have you been listening to the 361 Degrees podcast? I thought I should post a note to explain some of the updates that Roland has been making recently. I asked him to do a quick write-up of each podcast episode we publish over at

The background is this: A good few years ago, I teamed up with Rafe Blandford (All About Windows Phone) and Ben Smith (Wireless Worker) to record a weekly podcast discussing the mobile world. We’ve now finished series 8 with the 9th series in planning right now.

If you haven’t had a listen, please stick it into your Podcasts app and give it a try. It’s quite a bit of work recording them (and Ben, who does the editing, has the bulk of the responsibility) but it’s really worthwhile when we hear the feedback from listeners.

Each episode is around 30 minutes (i.e. commuter-friendly), we do a lot of work to make sure it’s researched properly (thanks Roland, Emma) and Ben’s hard work makes it all sound good quality. We also try hard to make it reasonably entertaining. That’s usually down to Ben’s quick wit and Rafe’s occasional use of long, important sounding words.

If you’ve a topic we should be considering for discussion in the next series, now is the time to suggest! Email me ( or drop us all a note at @361podcast on Twitter.

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s “361 Degrees” — that is, one degree better than anyone else. Tongue firmly in cheek.

Here’s an embed of the latest episode:

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