FinTech Profile: We’re beginning to motor!

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If you’re at all interested in the FinTech sector, I’d like to encourage you to check out our brand new site, FinTech Profile.

It does what it says on the tin. That is, we profile companies operating in the Financial Technology market. The focus is typically on startup companies (for example, the team at investUP who’re busy redefining the crowdfunding and lending sector — attracting loads of attention in the process) however we’re also keen to profile existing companies tearing up the marketplace.

We are beginning to motor now at FinTech Profile. We will publish our 6th profile this week.

You can subscribe to our newsletter. Doing so will put a new, interesting company on your radar every Wednesday. It’s worth it just to do a quick scan in case it’s a company you’re seriously keen to examine. Our profile questions are usually the same, but the answers are directly from the keyboards of the company’s founder or senior executive — and they’re completely unfiltered by us.

The intersection between FinTech and mobile is becoming more and more exciting given that almost every aspect of finance is moving to mobile. Or, put another way, the rise of the mobile world has caused (and is in the process of causing) monumental upheaval across the industry.

Witness, for example, the semi-rant I posted earlier today on LinkedIn (“A Paper Obsession: Come on Banks!“) where I highlighted that it’s no longer acceptable to require customers to mess about with paper forms any more.

If you’ve any recommendations for companies we should be profiling, please drop us a note. We welcome suggestions from PRs too!

Here are the profiles we’ve published so far:


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