Mercedes and mobile advertising: Constantly in the wrong gear?

I trust there are embarrassed faces all round in the marketing team at Mercedes UK.

I saw a Facebook ad today on the iPhone. It was for a funky looking Mercedes. I thought it might be useful for my brother so I clicked to take a look.

Here’s the actual Facebook ad:


Here’s what I got when I clicked through:



I was shocked to be taken to a full size web page that either didn’t load correctly or wasn’t compatible with mobile.

Seriously shocked.

That’s a good amount of money Mercedes will be paying for that.

I was expecting to be sent through to a custom-designed page with a photo (or photos) of the car and a bit more detail. I was then intending sharing the resulting URL in an email to my brother.

I didn’t bother.

Out of interest I scrolled through a few more ads and came across a Renault ad. I clicked on that.

Here’s the Facebook ad:



And when I clicked — or tapped — through?



They know what they’re doing over at Renault.

What happened, Mercedes? Just an off day? Mobile redirector not working at the moment?

By Ewan

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