My Top 7 apps: Richard Patterson of The Dog and Bone

I’m back with another Top 7 apps piece.

Richard Patterson is founder of a new website, The Dog and Bone, offering mobile advice and help for UK consumers, and he is and co-founder of a number of other online businesses.

His main smartphone is a HTC One M8, and his top 7 apps are as follows…

– – – – –

Sky MapI’ve always been fascinated by space and, when it’s warm enough, will happily spend hours sat outside star gazing and playing with Sky Map. I wish this app was available when I was growing up!

City MapperCity mapper is a great app for finding your way around cities all over the world on public transport, and has saved me from getting lost countless times, and also helped ensure I’ve arrived at meetings on time.

QobuzQobuz streams CD quality music, and I’m convinced my music sounds even better than on Spotify (which I love too), although I do wonder if it is a placebo effect or if I really can tell the difference!

GuidebookGuidebook is an amazing app for organising both social and commercial events such as conferences. Ever since a friend used Guidebook to organise his wedding, I’ve really liked this app.

Wunderlist To Do ListThis is a great app to help me stay organised. I’m naturally disorganised, and have always relied on lists to keep track of what I should be doing each day – Wunderlist has helped me bring this normally mundane activity in to the 21st century.

Wheres my DroidI’m sure this app will at some point become the app I’m most pleased I have installed. Fortunately, I’ve not had cause to use it to find a lost phone yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time…

UberUber is an essential app for me, as it makes it extremely simple and convenient to find transport and get around. It’s also indispensable when travelling on business, and has really disrupted the taxi market in many places. A great example of mobile technology being used to full effect.

– – – – –

Thanks to Richard for his list, I use Wunderlist a lot and totally understand why it made the Top 7!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

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