My Top 7 apps: Subrah Iyar of Moxtra

Here we are with another Top 7 apps. This week we have Subrah Iyar, CEO of Moxtra.

Moxtra is a mobile collaboration service for teams & projects. Moxtra is driven by a powerful cloud collaboration platform which enables project spaces called Moxtra Binders. Moxtra’s Binder capabilities include powerful text, voice, and multimedia chat capabilities, rich visual and verbal content annotations, mobile screen sharing, and task management. The Moxtra mobile app is available in various app stores, and the Moxtra web app can be accessed from

You can follow him on twitter here. Subrah uses an iPhone 6 and his top 7 apps are…

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Subrah IyarMoxtra: this is a mobile collaboration app for teams and projects. I use it to stay in touch and track status of the various teams and projects going on in Moxtra. We are a busy start-up with lots going on and the Moxtra app allows me to stay on top of the critical conversations going on within the company. It allows me to review the documents and key pieces of information necessary to decision making and driving the business forward without the constraints of time and place. I even used it when I had a building project at my house!

Financial Daily: this app keeps me up to date with the financial news around the world. It streams stories from reliable sources such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, CBS MoneyWatch, Reuters, CNN Money and a few others. It’s a great resource to follow the financial news of the day as well as significant announcements from players in the companies we partner with and the industries that we target.

Phototoaster: this is an image editing app for photos which allows me to add special effects on the photos I capture with my iPhone. I travel extensively and take photos of my travels. I enjoy playing around with Phototoaster and sharing some of my best shots with family and friends.

British Airways App: As I said, I travel a lot and this app saves me a ton of time as it provides info on my flight details, as well as a mobile boarding pass. Flights can be booked and managed on the app and I have also set up a personalised home screen to keep track of all the various flights and dates and times…

Wells Fargo: this app delivers a mobile version of the services I have on the CEO portal (the Wells Fargo Commercial Electronic Office). It allows me to manage the company’s finances throughout my travels as I can do things such as monitoring the account balances and transactions, as well as initiating and approving outgoing payments. What’s particularly useful is that it alerts me when there are items requiring my attention.

India Today: I am based in the US but like to keep up to date with what is going on at “home”. This is my ‘go to’ app for catching up on all the weekly news from India. It features news from a variety of sources as well as sport and political news, images and videos.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: With the Cricket World Cup currently underway, I have started using the official ICC 2015 app. It gives full tournament coverage including live scores, videos and match highlights. It also has fastest ball-by-ball scores and commentary. I am a huge fan!

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Thanks to Subrah for his list. I have also got the cricket app although it’s fairly depressing for me right now, England are not great shall we say!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

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