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New in-app photo printing SDK PRYYNT launches!

Long term readers will know I am a huge fan of photo printing service Touchnote. This is an interesting move by London startup Pryynt — if they can make it a totally seamless service then I could imagine using this in my other apps. That will be the challenge. I don’t see any word on end user costs — as long as it’s around the fairly standard £1.50-ish price point I would imagine users will give it a go.

I will need to try and give this a shot!


PRYYNT signs-up 40 top mobile apps to drive image monetization

Camera and photo apps now have a new way to monetize by offering a complete in-app photo printing service to their users at the push of a button using PRYYNT’s new SDK.

PRYYNT, a London start-up which has announced seed funding of $2m ahead of its launch in June, has already signed up more than 40 apps with a combined active user base of more than 500 million. PRYYNT’s launch partners include some of the leading camera and photo apps such as Camera MX on Android, Insta Shape Pro and Best Postcard Maker on iOS who are already live. PhotoGrid, Retrica and others will go live with PRYYNT in the following weeks.

PRYYNT’s free mobile SDK, which is installed in under an hour, provides a turnkey solution for mobile apps, handling everything from order fulfilment to customer support, system updates to payments. PRYYNT enables printed photo products and merchandise to be ordered within an app and delivered worldwide to generate a new revenue stream for both iOS and Android apps.

Once integrated, PRYYNT’s SDK adds a “PRYYNT” button in the app. Users simply press the button to launch the PRYYNT user interface and order prints of the selected image in a variety of formats including posters, canvasses, greeting cards and postcards. Orders are then fulfilled via PRYYNT’s global network of HP-accredited print partners. This gives mobile apps a new and unique way to monetize their apps by providing a complete photo printing service to their users.

Camera MX Screen Shot 3

Sönke Bullerdiek, VP of Business Development at EyeEm, said, “The market for personalized printed products and gifting is growing. Digital has not killed off the printed image, it has given it a new lease on life. EyeEm’s community and marketplace has enabled millions of people to share their lives and photos more easily than ever before, but people don’t just want to see pictures made of pixels – they want to share these physically. PRYYNT provides a unique way to bring photos back into the physical world, allowing to create and send personalized printed gifts to the loved ones.”

The global explosion of camera phones and photo specific apps has meant that more photos were taken in the last two years than were ever captured in the lifetime of film. This has had a direct effect on the online photo printing market, which is experiencing growth at around 15% per annum.

Georg Krüger, Product & Marketing Manager at APPIC Labs, said, “PRYYNT’s turnkey service and smooth integration made this an obvious choice for our leading Android photo app, Camera MX. We love that our users can now easily send postcards, greeting cards and more anywhere in the world straight from Camera MX. PRYYNT has provided a valuable new feature to our users whilst generating a substantial new revenue stream for APPIC Labs”.

PRYYNT’s worldwide print production network is a unique partnership comprising of leading printers across five continents using the most advanced digital printing technology, workflow automation and global fulfilment techniques to deliver high-quality, high-volume print orders fast and reliably.

“Everyone loves sharing photos through mobile apps but often that’s where these images stay – on a screen,” said PRYYNT founder and CEO James Washer. “We want to help people reclaim some of the physical from the digital by making quality photo printing super easy and accessible. The great thing about PRYYNT is that everybody wins, apps can monetize with zero investment and zero friction whilst offering their user a fantastic experience”.

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