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I now have 2 petabytes of Google storage


 I’ve been experimenting with Google Photos recently. My policy has been to stick 7,000 photos and videos from my iPhone on to Google Photos via their iOS app and then see how the service performs. 

I am pretty impressed. The iOS client is lightweight in UI and nicely laid out and uploading is fast. 

Navigating and searching photos is, as you might imagine, effortless, especially on a desktop machine. 

But I ran out of space in my 30gb Google Apps account. I was paying £3.30 a month for that. I have 15gb of email so when I added another 15gb of photos the account hit the limit rather quickly. 
So I upgraded to the £6.60/month ‘unlimited’ option for Google Apps accounts. Then I checked Google Photos and saw that I have got a hard limit… 2 petabytes. Or 2,000 terabytes. 

That should keep me going. 

If you’re hunting for an efficient way to get access to ‘unlimited’ storage it might be worth taking a look at a single £6 quid a month Google Apps account. 

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

8 replies on “I now have 2 petabytes of Google storage”

I’ve briefly tested it and the searching is brilliant, but because I already use iCloud Photo LIbrary and the ‘Optimise iPhone Storage’ option I’m not sure I can upload from my iPhone is Google will just end up with the low quality versions, as I can’t find anything to confirm it downloads the originals first.

Could you uncheck the optimise option, wait until it receives all the originals then upload to Google Photos, then re-tick the optimise option?. Though you then might be stuck with the space-sapping hi-res versions until iOS deems it needs to switch them out for the lower res versions.

I though that Google Photos already gave unlimited storage when it re-launched/launched last month? Perhaps there are some limits, though even if it’s unlimited then I guess it doesn’t include other apps…I just can’t bring myself to use Google as much as it would (to make life easier), mainly due to the persistent criticism that they data mine every aspect of your personal data…hm

I thought that, but still would have the issue as I take new pictures if Google doesn’t upload them before iOS removes the full res versions. Think i’ll just leave it for now

This is great but only if you have 5+ users on a google apps account. 2PB limit makes me question the logic of running a home synology unit.

1 have one user on G Suite Unlimited, and thats 2 PB. In Google Photos it says 2 PB, when it in reality only shows 20 TB on the G Suits account, but when I approached Google about this they laughed and said I had nothing to worry about, because it is in fact correct that we get 2 PB 😀 haha

It is only £6.60 per month to get unlimited storage (or so) regarding 2 Petabytes of storage offered to organize and store our valuable data in Google Accounts. Waiting to try out this fascinating feature !!

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