What’s your favourite 361 podcast episode?

It’s me again, working through my todo list. One of the items is to ask you, dear reader, which episode of the 361 Podcast really stands out in your memory. We’re going to do a re-visit of some of the top ones as suggested by listeners soon.

Now, clearly, if you haven’t listened to the 361 Podcast then… look away now.

Or: Have a listen to some episodes (here’s the Season 9 track list).

I think one of my personal favourites was when I lost it with Rafe Blandford, one of my two podcasting colleagues.

We were talking about what it takes to build and maintain big apps and — well, I can’t quite remember the specific set of triggers — but Blandford was (unknowingly, I think) pressing my buttons in a sequence that culminated in me yelling “APOLOGIST” at him repeatedly. Or something like that. I was actually a little embarrassed so I haven’t yet listened back to it.

Rafe was pointing out that it is really difficult for makers of big apps from big companies (e.g. banks) to get anything out the door on a regular basis. That really wound me up. Because it’s a view that’s held across the industry and it’s totally and utterly rubbish.

There’s a lot of work, yeah — but if Facebook can deliver updates every 2 weeks to 1.4 BILLION users, then organisations with a decent amount of resource should be able to do the same.

Apologising for them because it’s difficult isn’t valid.

I ended up screaming at Rafe — or at least, I think I might have. I can’t remember. I certainly remember yelling “APOLOGIST” quite a few times at him across the room. I also remember Ben (our other colleague) looking uncharacteristically blank during this one-sided exchange. Rafe, again, if I remember correctly, tried to recover his position but I wasn’t having any of it.


If you want to have a listen, here’s the embed code:

I can still feel my heart rate increasing as I evaluate the various positions. I harbour no ill will at all to Rafe, just in case you were wondering — some people have been asking me. It was a wickedly good debate. And I was right 😉

So that’s my most memorable episode at the moment.

What about you?

While you’re thinking, here’s a photo of Rafe during the recording of last week’s episode (for Season 10, coming soon).

Rafe preparing for one of the recent episodes in Season 10
Rafe preparing for one of the recent episodes in Season 10

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