Guest Post: Next Level Mobile Marketing – Find and Connect to Your Audience with ASO

Our thanks to Dave Bell for sending over this post.  Dave is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gummicube, a top mobile marketing company focused on organic growth and App Store Optimization.


A strong App Store Optimization strategy is the first step in a mobile marketing campaign that connects you to your ideal audience.

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is the process of using app store data to optimize your mobile app listing for maximum visibility and maximum conversion from your target audience.

This includes the app name or title, the keywords field, the description, icons and screenshots, and even promo videos.

The days of submitting an app and “being found” are gone. Mobile App Marketing requires not only a strong understanding of app store optimization, but access to app store data.

For example, a strong app title that tells a prospective user what your app is and does for them in their language.

To create a strong, optimized app title, and make best use of the limited keywords field, you need to know how and what your target market is searching for.

Optimizing your app title is only the beginning. Full App Store Optimization includes:

  • maximizing the use of the keywords field (100 characters)
  • highlighting features the market finds most relevant (using their words)
  • crafting strong calls to action in the description
  • optimizing creative elements including the app icon and screenshots

A complete mobile app marketing engagement generally includes using app store data for market research, informing not only what to promote but what features to add to your app’s development roadmap.

The ASO process using App Store Data from Gummicube uniquely positions marketers to respond to actual trending search and app data.

In the infographic below, Gummicube shares their ASO process for the Apple App Store in 7 steps.


GC Infographic JPEG


What About You?

A comprehensive ASO strategy requires App Store Data, and enables businesses with an understanding of this new mobile explosion to better connect to their target audiences. You’re probably wondering, “How do I promote my app?” or “How do I find my audience?”

For more information or to set up a campaign – contact Gummicube at or  follow Gummicube on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!


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