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The World’s First Totally Custom Notebook


Hello, Dear Readers!

This is Emma here.  I usually work behind the scenes here on Mobile Industry Review; managing the day to day running of the site and helping our editor, Ewan, to sift through his inbox.

I often find some great little products and stories that really appeal to me, and Ewan has encouraged me to feel free to share them with you – so I am starting a little semi-regular column of my own that will bring a slightly fresh contribution to the blog that I hope you’ll enjoy (I’m a non-techy proud mummy of a lovely six year old boy who knows more about the features of my iPhone than I do!).

I do love innovation and design, however, and think these recently launched custom notebooks from Book Block are seriously stylish – and I’m happy to be helping them spread the word about their kickstarter campaign.

Here’s the press release:

Chicago, IL, USA, August 19th, 2015– Book Block, the world’s most customizable notebook, is launched at

Mustard Design Agency and Monsieur Notebook are launching Book Block, giving you the opportunity to create your own custom notebooks, bespoke from start to finish.

Using bookbinding techniques otherwise reserved for mass-production, the team has created a new system allowing individuals to design their own notebook covers in full colour with 2400×2400 dpi, choose their own paper, as well as their own ribbon and elastic colours. Think for notebooks! has been chosen as a platform to bring Book Block to the wider world.

Once the Kickstarter has finished, Book Block will fulfill orders, and will launch a full service for individuals from November onwards on, allowing individuals, businesses and brands the opportunity to produce their own custom notebooks for their friends, clients and customers.

There will be an online uploader, and image editing software, making ordering your custom notebook a snip! Delivery is available worldwide.

This is the first time a fully customizable quality journal has been made available for the individual artist, illustrator or designer.

Cool Stuff!

Emma x

By Emma

Emma is Operations Manager at Mobile Industry Review. If you would like to enquire about contributing valuable content for our readers, she can be contacted on

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