ImpulsePay in Top Ten Fastest Growing UK Tech Companies



2015 Tech Track 100 logo (1)This week, ImpulsePay, one of the UK’s leading Charge to Mobile providers, was listed as one of the UK’s Top Ten Fastest Growing UK Tech Companies in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100.

ImpulsePay is the leading provider of Charge to Mobile in the UK. Charge to Mobile allows consumers to pay for a wide variety of digital goods and services with their mobile phone and is fully backed by all the UK mobile operators. Mobile is the second most ubiquitous payment method after cash, meaning ease of use for consumers and access to an increased audience for merchants.

ImpulsePay’s mobile experience includes working with major international UK and US customers and partners, including working with Hillary Clinton’s 2008 US Presidential campaign. Current Charge to Mobile clients includes Virgin Trains, Spareroom and Cross Country Trains.

Here’ the press release below.

Meanwhile, to read more about Impulse Pay’s founder and CEO, Chris Newell, take a look at our sister site, FinTech Profile, as we are featuring a Q&A with Chris today.  It turns out he’s a reader of Mobile Industry Review and I’m flattered he’s mentioned us as a source of industry news…

Cheers Chris!

ImpulsePay in Top Ten Fastest Growing UK Tech Companies
Highest place mobile payments company in the The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

 London, September 7th, 2015: ImpulsePay has been listed as the leading mobile payments provider in the The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100. The privately-owned company, that has helped pioneer the Charge to Mobile sector, was listed as the 10th fastest growing technology business in the UK.
The Tech Track list is based on average annual sales growth over the last three years. ImpulsePay’s place on the list is thanks to the success of both the ImpulsePay and BillMobile brands that help businesses quickly and easily take payment of up to £30 from consumers with a little as two clicks on their mobile phone.
“Charge to Mobile is a growing technology and we are very proud to have been recognised as leading this growth,” said Chris Newell, CEO of ImpulsePay. “The whole sector will continue to grow over the next few years and we expect to be leading the way.”
The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 analysed all tech companies in the UK, using the London Stock Exchange’s definition of technology as one that “shows a commitment to innovation, research and product development and operates in sectors including software, internet, telecoms and biotech.” Any UK technology company with an initial sales figure exceeding £250,000 and a latest year sales total exceeding £5m was considered for the list.
ImpulsePay’s growth can be attributed to the consistent growth in the Charge-to-Mobile sector over the qualifying period, as well as the drive and determination of the staff and management team to consistently innovate, improve the service and grow.
Not only was ImpulsePay the highest listed mobile payments provider, it was also the company with the lowest number of employees, ten, on the list.
“Growth can be achieved with a strong, determined and intelligent team. You don’t need to be the biggest, just the best,” continued Newell. “We also have great clients who had the vision to see how mobile payments could help their business and now have the results to back that up.”
ImpulsePay expects further sales growth over the next few years as the company capitalises on Charge-to-Mobile’s increased popularity.

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