My Top 7 apps: Malcolm Lewis of MoppedUp

It’s September already! Doesn’t the time fly?

Anyway here’s another Top 7 apps post. This week we have Malcolm Lewis of MoppedUp.

MoppedUp is the first and only app of its kind. Connecting homeowners and cleaners to create the perfect home cleaning to-do list. It allows in app communication with cleaners able to suggest cleaning tasks or advise homeowners of cleaning products running low.

They are also on twitter too – @moppedupinc

Here is Malcolm’s list;

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_MG_3155Henchman: The app offers to get a Henchman to collect most things you can think of, from a trip to boots for Nurofen for a banging head to a trip to Burger and Lobster to get some tucker.

This is my favourite new find, and it came in handy recently. It was a friend’s birthday and I’d neglected to get a present, using the app I was able to get a Henchman to go to Selfridges collect the gift and bring to me all within an hour, it would have taken me at least 3 hours and the cost of delivery was pretty reasonable!

MoppedUp: Many companies exist that help you book a cleaner in seconds. But then what, how do cleaners know what I want doing and when?

MoppedUp helps homeowners create the perfect home cleaning to do list. I think this will change the way we organise and communicate with our cleaners.

We’ve not only put in cleaning tasks we’ve also put in a couple of handy checks like getting the cleaner to test the fire alarm, advise you of signs of mold/leaks and also things like looking after and cleaning you’re washing machine and dishwasher

Great cleaners will shine with great ratings and homeowners will get the clean and organised home they deserve. We recently added a ‘Find a Cleaner’ feature due to popular demand where we get cleaners in contact with homeowners.

AppyParking: This is splendid app for helping me know when and where I can park. We have got a building development near where we live and the parking rules keep changing. One day they came to put up the new parking rules and they brought the wrong street signs, I checked on the app and they had the correct information.

Feedly: I try not to read the news as it’s a great way to lose time when I‘m trying to focus. I still need information on certain subject, so I feed in websites that tell me what I want to know about and not what news companies tell me I want to know.

Bugs and Buttons – I am probably going to parent hell but I occasionally let my kids play with this app. It’s got a beautiful design and some loosely educational games and when the kids aren’t looking…I have a play!-)

Headspace: This apps great for guided meditation to help you relax or re-focus. The simplistic interface and great animations really enhance the app. The frequently added new packs and being able to choose the time the session lasts means you can always find a session in.

Houzz: It great place to find ideas, source home renovation specialists and generally lose lots of time looking at beautiful homes. With the UK homes now shown its even better. I am using this to create visual ideas for a planned renovation and design a man cave that will never get budget approval!

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Thanks to Malcolm for this list. I’m a great fan already of Headspace and Feedly, have to check out MoppedUp!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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