“The only thing that’s changed is everything”

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Was anyone else frustrated by the new iPhone tag line launched last night?

“The only thing that’s changed is everything”

I could agree with that kind of reality distortion when they went from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, but really… dear me.

By Ewan

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4 replies on ““The only thing that’s changed is everything””

Honestly I think they have now marked themselves as being utterly ambivalent to what the real technology press think or say. This slogan was aimed squarely at the fans, who will believe without question, the “cool tech” press who will either (a) try to prove it or (b) treat it as an insiders joke and the great “normob” phone buying public who will not think to question it. It makes me sad though. Very sad.

So what’s the alternative? I bought an android and really wanted to love it. But it isn’t anywhere near as slick.

And have you ever come across a tag line that didn’t distort reality.

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