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Product Review: Sennheiser Speaker phone

Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Where to buy:
Price: From £75.99


This Sennheiser SpeakerPhone is a great piece of kit – and one that I’d be delighted to receive in my Christmas stocking.  It’s stylish, lightweight and portable – ideally suited to the mobile executive worker who needs to be able to dial in to a group or conference call while on the move.

I do a lot of travelling in my consultancy role with RBS and now won’t travel without this.  It’s become an essential little piece of kit that lives in my MacBook bag and goes everywhere with me – it’s so small and light to carry and really easy to use – just plug one end into your laptop (or home PC if you’re using it in a home office environment) and the other into your mobile phone – it’s as simple as that.

The sound quality is great (as you’d expect from a company with such a pedigree in audio devices), with brilliant voice clarity and echo cancellation.  The dual talk function allows for a very natural conversation and listening experience too – so you don’t struggle to enjoy a fully integrated multi-way conversation.

There are various models available – depending on your technical requirements, so make sure you check out the Sennheiser web site for further info here.

Well worth the money – highly recommended.

I also noticed on Amazon that they do a little carry pouch to keep it in, which would be useful and would make a perfect secondary gift for the recipient (… I might put that on my list …)  Sorry folks, cancel that,  I’ve just been informed by Chris at Sennheiser that the carry pouch comes as standard – I must have missed mine in the packaging – will go and hunt it out.


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Hi Ian – the carry pouch should come in the box with it for you as standard, regards, Chris Jacob, Sennheiser UK.

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