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Product Review: Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones EP650



Manufacturer: August International
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: £67.45 £39.95


These wireless Bluetooth compatible headphones are seriously smart.  They look great – really well made – and come in a range of appealing, contemporary colours.  They are also really comfortable to wear with a padded headband and cushioned ear pieces, which offer superb isolation and great quality sound.  

Although the headband is fully adjustable, they are a little big and bulky for my 6 year old’s head, but would be great for an older child/teenager who is able to make the most of the fantastic functionality this piece of kit offers.

Inbuilt with the latest NFC technology, these headphones are easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet with an amazing range of about 12 metres (the official blurb states up to 10 metres, but I put this to the test and managed to walk out of the house and down my street chatting to a friend (there’s an inbuilt microphone too) with my iPhone stationed in the kitchen – 12 metres away!).   

Making and receiving calls is easy in fact – at the press of a button (at the side of the earpiece) and you can also control your playlist from the headset itself and even play games online.

Boasting 11 hours of battery life these earphones are perfect for staying wirelessly connected on the move.  

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