Product Review: Moochies smart watch for kids



Manufacturer: Moochies for Kids
Where to buy: Moochies for Kids Online Shop
rice: £79.99


Moochies is a smart watch, phone, GPS tracker and safety device for kids and allows for two way communication between parents and children.

Designed in the UK, the watch is well made and feels like a good quality product.  The strap is made from non-toxic silicone & the device is water-resistant and complies with EU legislation for safe exposure to radio frequency energy and the RoHS directive.

Working with a PAYG micro sim card on a 2G network, Moochies works in tangent with a free app, downloadable on the parent’s phone (IOS 7 and above, android 4 and above compatible), and will work anywhere in the world.  There are a number of security protocols which bind the Moochies watch to your phone and the app is held on a secure Amazon server, so is safe from interference.

Up to ten phone numbers, pre-approved by the parent, are able to contact the child, and up to two numbers can be assigned for the child to call from their device.  The sound quality from the device to a mobile, and vice versa, is really very good and the child’s voice is clearly audible, even when tested in a busy indoor soft play area with really high noise levels!

There is an SOS button too – which alerts the app holder that the child is in trouble (great for use if a child gets lost in a crowd), and Moochies is also GPS trackable, which means the account administrator (the parent) can see where their child is at any time, giving enormous peace of mind.

Parents can also set pre-determined ‘safe zones’ for when their child is in the park for example, with the app notifying them if their child strays outside of this area.


Available in four designs and recommended for ages 3-12 years, the LED display shows a 24 hour clock and there are three possible buttons for the child to press: one for mum, one for dad and one for SOS – so there’s no keypad or browser or complex control panel for them to navigate.

This is a really cool little gift that children will love.  There would obviously need to be some rules around when a child can and can’t call a parent – but I think with the right restrictions in place this is a great little entry level smart wearable device for children that keeps families connected and offers peace of mind.

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