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Product Review: The SE20 Mini portable Bluetooth stereo alarm clock

Mini Bluetooth Stereo System SE20 (1)Manufacturer: August International
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: £35.95 £20.00



This is a gorgeous little portable stereo that any child would be delighted to receive on Christmas Day.  Really tiny and utterly cute,  this fun retro-looking mini stereo will be a well- loved gift.

It may be tiny (150 x 125 x 85mm), but the two 3 watt speakers produce a great quality sound and there is plenty of functionality in this little gadget including a 24-hour radio alarm clock with 12 pre-set FM stations, wireless connectivity, USB port, SD reader and AUX In – enabling you to play music from your smart phone, tablet  – or other device.

I tested this out on my son who absolutely loves it.  It’s small enough to look like a toy, but well-built enough to withstand a few knocks from a less than careful six year old, who climbs up to the top bunk Bluetooth Wireless Earphones EP610 (1)with it to listen to audio books at bedtime.

I paired the device up with these lightweight EP610 in-ear wireless headphones  – also made by August (selling on Amazon), so he doesn’t strangle himself in bed at night falling asleep listening to the BFG!

A lovely gift for any age group really, as it can be used to pop into a beach bag or take on a picnic etc – which is perfectly possible with the 7 hour battery life (battery rechargeable).

Great for the Kids’ stocking, at the really affordable price of £27.45 £17.45

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