Product Review: Thule Gauntlet 3.0 13″ MacBook Attaché



Manufacturer: Thule
Where to buy: Amazon,
Price: £69.99  £29.99


Now’s the time to grab one of these while they are heavily discounted on Amazon.   A great gift for the mobile worker – this Thule Gauntlet MacBook Attaché case is stylish and exceptionally well-made – by Thule (the Swedish roof box manufacturers, who are now using their industry expertise to produce protective tech cases).

This is a rugged, but lightweight (it’s made from polyurethane) attaché case that is going to withstand a few knocks and dents as it has been designed with added corner and edge protection.  It fits the 13″ MacBook Pro/Air (or a laptop of the same size) and will take an iPad or tablet in the same case too – which is really useful.

They do seem to have thought of everything else you’d want from a laptop case too including internal storage pockets, top carry handles as well as a removable, adjustable strap and an elastic band keeps your device securely in place as you unzip your case.

Another great feature is you can actually use your machine while still in the case – thanks to the clamshell design – so there’s no need to unpack everything if you’re, say, sitting in the departure lounge in transit – waiting to board your flight.  In a market place where products are jostling for competition with each other, it’s this sort of detail which is going to appeal to the mobile worker who wants simple, functional kit to travel with, that is going to make using technology effectively on the move as effortless as possible – which is as it should be!

There are a whole range of products to choose from in the ‘Laptop Sleeves @ Cases’ range, so take a look at what devices the chaps in the family are using and find a Thule carry case to fit … they also do phone cases, which look pretty smart too …

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