Is it time to subscribe to a printer service from HP?

Ever since my dad brought home an...

What’s the best way of buying a phone today?

How did you buy your latest phone?...

MWC: What device highlights did you miss?

So, early last week I predicted that...

Top Tech Christmas Stockings for her …


So we’ve covered the kids and gifts for the chaps … now it’s her turn …

We haven’t managed to review all of the items from our top picks here, but are confident these gifts are all of the highest quality and will make wonderful gifts this Christmas.


The BuddyBand2 is a waterproof watch (I know this as mine actually survived a trip through a 40 degree wash and tumble dry cycle!) and activity tracker, with multiple notification alarms for text, email and messages to keep you active and in touch at the same time.

I have had great fun playing with it – tracking the number of steps I make in a day, calories burned and monitoring my sleep patterns (it records a detailed sleep analysis).

It pairs with your smart phone via Bluetooth too – and you can set notification alerts (a subtle alarm, LED or vibration) for incoming emails and messages, so you know if someone is trying to get hold of you without feeling the need to keep checking your phone – which I really like.  It reminds me when I have been inactive for a certain period of time too (I have set mine for half an hour), so it prompts me to get up from my desk and jog over to the coffee machine at regular intervals …

The device charges in a couple of hours via a USB cable, and the battery lasts for days (depending on how you use it). It comes with three different coloured, comfortable wrist bands and a belt clip (that’s how mine ended up in the washing machine!)

The free app, downloadable by following the instructions inside the packaging, records a wealth of information and helps you understand how your activity changes day by day – so it’s really useful for setting goals to improve your activity and quite addictive to see how your stats improve over time.  There’s even a food diary too (which I haven’t yet used), so you really can get a lot of information out of this little gadget.  Definitely worth the money in my view.

Manufacturer: Activ8rlives
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: £59.99


AuraAnyone you care for really longing for a great night’s rest? The Withings Aura Connected Alarm clock may be just what they need for Christmas.  This cleverly designed system both monitors and improves the sleep experience.  It uses revolutionary and scientifically validated light and sound programs, to positively impact they way users wake up and fall asleep.  What’s more, Aura users now have access to Spotify’s entire catalogue of over 30 million songs to personalise their wakeup and sleep experience as well as their own playlists.

Manufacturer: Withings
Where to buy: Withings & Amazon
Price: £149.95


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 09.56.52 (1)With all the protective elements you expect from a tablet case as well as infinite angles and viewing positions, this eXchange Tablet Jacket® System proves that you really can have it all! Featuring an elaborate gold-embossed design, this cover reproduces a 1688 book binding that was originally stitched entirely by hand.

Where to buy:
Price: From £34.99



ALTRUIS – A collection of designer wearable technology to help you stay focused on what really matters. Customise which people, calls, messages and alerts deserve your attention. This Bluetooth enabled jewellery filters your notifications based on profiles and secret words via the ios app, helping you to stay connected whilst improving your relationship with your smartphone – and the people in your life who really matter.  Genius!

ALTRUIS_goldblacknecklaceManufacturer: Vinaya
Price: From £220





Great for slipping into a purse or wallet, the Standeazy is a credit card sized stand for mobile phones or mini tablets.

I was sent samples of both the polymer version (£2.99) and the metal version, made from aluminium laminate (£12.99).

I have to say the metal version is infinitely better – not that the plastic one doesn’t work, but I found it was less stable/slippery on certain surfaces – but still a really useful, inexpensive little gift that pops up in seconds from a 2D flat Standeazy-phone-stands-credit-card-sized-set-e1404585711800card into a 3D adjustable stand – so you can prop your device up in either landscape or portrait at any angle.  Great for watching movies on the train or face timing whilst cooking!



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