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Product Review: ZAGG Rugged Book



Manufacturer: ZAGG
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: £99.55  £69.99

The Zagg Rugged Book is the toughest, most versatile wireless Bluetooth iPad case available.  It has a really good ‘rugged’ look and feel to it and is packaged in a smart box and comes with a micro USB to USB charging cable.

air-2-hero_1It is designed in two parts; 

Tough polycarbonate and soft silicone form a relatively light weight, but incredibly tough case for your device which connects to the detachable backlit keyboard via a magnetic hinge, and secures the iPad at virtually any angle.

So you can use it in ‘case mode’ (ie just your iPad in the case without the keyboard attached), ‘keyboard mode’ (you slot the case into the magnetic hinge and off you go – you can bash out your emails as if you were on your MacBook), ‘book mode’ (you fold the device over the keypad, the way you do when folding back the cover of a book on itself – allowing you to read easily),

highlight-zagg-rugged-folio-black-ipad-air-keyboard-video-modeor video mode … (where you reverse your device and set it at a convenient angle to watch movies etc).

I really like this product.  It adds a bit of weight to your device, but then again allows you to take it out of your living room, chuck it in the car, use it outside, stick it in your back pack if you’re out cycling etc and gives such great versatility.

The backlit keyboard is really useful too – love it!








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