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My Top 7 Apps: Chris Michael from Swytch

For this week’s Top 7 apps post we have Chris Michael, CEO and co-founder of Swytch.

Launched in October 2015, Swytch is a cloud-based mobile network that is giving users more power and control over their communications. Swytch gives users additional mobile numbers on their existing iOS or Android phone, each of which can be identified individually and used for both incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Swytch is ideal for separating business and personal communications, using temporary numbers for online services like dating and gumtree, and anywhere else you need to protect your privacy. Swytch also allows you to use a UK mobile number if you live or work abroad without incurring roaming or international call charges.

Let’s have a look at his apps.

– – – – –

Chris Michael PhotoSlack: Slack allows me to eliminate internal email communications with my team and instead consolidate all communications within a single location. Slack is a great tool for archiving (it’s easy to go back and see what was said and when), as well as transferring and storing files like images and documents for access later.

Swytch: Although in at number 2, Swytch (obviously) comes top of my list! Swytch is the first app that lets you have multiple UK mobile numbers on your existing mobile phone. It’s great for separating business and personal communications (which is why we made it!), giving out temporary mobile numbers for dating and online services like Auto Trader and Gumtree, and it allows you to have a UK mobile number if you are based abroad without the expensive roaming charges!

Wunderlist: Wunderlist is a vital tool if you want to be productive. It’s the first app that truly meets both my business and personal ‘to do list’ needs!

Google Photos: What can I say about Google Photos..? It really is incredible. It automatically and intelligently backs up all of my photos, and offers (pretty much) unlimited storage. As my wife and I share an account, it acts as a central store for both of us. It has a great search feature and some very creative automatic animation tools to create collages and videos – something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for!

Evernote: Evernote acts as a kind of all-in-one digital scrapbook, and is a nice addition to have for things that haven’t yet made it to my ‘to do list’. It’s also very easy to use and offers great presentation functionality.

The Wonder Weeks: The Wonder Weeks is a really unique app that gives incredible insight into child development for parents. It’s very accurate and almost predicts the future on a day-to-day basis. I read something will happen on the app and then see my kids demonstrating it soon after!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: I’m not normally a gamer but thought no app list is complete without at least one game! When I do play a game, I tend to get hooked for a while and I played this one for about three months. I would definitely recommend it.

– – – – –

Thanks to Chris for his apps list. You can check out Swytch on their website and follow on twitter.

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.


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