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News: Nexmo agreement with SAP extends social chat capabilities to SAP Cloud for Customer platform

A few weeks ago, Nexmo announced a collaboration with SAP to connect their Cloud for Customer (C4C) service platform to the global chat apps via the Nexmo Chat App API. With the C4C integration, SAP customers can now service customers on popular chat apps including WeChat from within the C4C solution. SAP is one of the largest application software providers, with its Cloud for Customer platform being one of the leading CRM/Service platforms among blue-chip brands.

Nexmo’s Cloud for Customer platform

With the growth of mobile, customers are increasingly turning to brands on mobile social channels to resolve customer service issues. Previously, customers would have to look up a phone number and sit idly on hold to solve customer service issues.

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Now, with Facebook, Twitter, and increasingly chat apps like WeChat, users are contacting companies from within their social platform of choice. Gone are the days of communicating with a faceless number without an identity; instead, brands can resolve customer service issues from within a rich, branded social media account.

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As customers have increasingly moved their service communications to these mobile, real-time channels, they have demanded increasingly fast and response and resolution. For brands to meet the service demands of their customers, they need to have these social channels integrated into their key enterprise service tools.

With the Nexmo partnership, SAP C4C clients can finally engage their customers on the chat apps. C4C already provides access to leading channels like pPhone, eE-mail, and Facebook. Now, C4C users can service customers across the chat apps in a real time, engaging manner.

More information about engaging customers on WeChat using C4C and Nexmo can be found here.

Mobile Industry Review would like to thank Nexmo for providing the information contained within this article.

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