Vyke Launches Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Revolutionise Mobile Voice Calling

iphone-black1It’s funny how mobile phones started with voice calls being the only function available (and of course Snake!) and now of course voice is often ignored by many. One of the reasons for that is of course that it just isn’t flexible in the same way that social, or even email is.

When I sign up with an operator I get one number and that’s my lot. I have to present that same mobile number to everyone no matter whether it’s my parents, my boss or maybe the people I want to buy some stuff off me on eBay.Of course there are ways around this for those in the know, or those willing to carry around multiple phones, but not really for normobs, so I’m going to be watching the mobile VoIP player, Vyke, with interest. They believe that this problem should be solved for normobs with a simple mobile VoIP app that will allow users to have up to four additional phone numbers on their existing handset.

To help get this off the ground they’ve launched a Seedrs campaign. It’s not cheap taking mobile VoIP to the masses, so they’re asking for £800k – although they’ve already raised over £250k. You can see the Seedrs campaign here (https://www.seedrs.com/vyke?promo_code=7C5HUTYA).

One thing I like in particular about Vyke is the dig they’ve had at the mobile operators about this, as it’s something that they should have solved yonks ago, Mark Egginton, CEO of Vyke said:

“Mobile network operator services have not kept pace with either smartphone innovation or lifestyle changes… The new Vyke platform will deliver the innovation sadly lacking in mobile operators.”

If you agree with Vyke, then get involved with the Seedrs campaign here.

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