What’s Your Value as a User?


It’s an interesting questions isn’t it – especially as we see the value of the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp rise. That value is built on you and how much value you, as a user, add to the brand. Well, there’s a new UK company that is looking to change that and give back half of all its revenues to its users.

The company is called Tengi and they’re launching a messaging app to rival WhatsApp, which is a big ask. But their major point of difference is that they give back value to the users, or as they say it: “Tengi is a messaging app that rewards users with a weekly prize draw in which they can win cash prizes of £1,000, £25 or £5.”

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The CEO, Neil Laycock said about this new approach:

“Tengi is about being free, fair and fun, with a strong focus on our consumers. Whilst other apps gain huge value from their users, we are sharing that value and not keeping it for ourselves. By rewarding our users for chatting on Tengi, we give something back.”

In essence the app rivals the likes of WhatsApp for functionality, and its had a very successful beta phase focussed on their regional base in Yorkshire, establishing 14,000 monthly active users who have sent 2.8million messages. It’s the prize giveaways that make Tengi stand out and it has already given away £100,000 – so serious money.

To have a chance of winning you first need to download the app (search for it in iTunes or Google Play), then you can collect extra tickets for the amount of time you use the app or the number of friends you refer. Draws are made every Friday evening, so it would be a great start to the weekend if you win.

I think I’ll watch this one with interest.

By Ewan

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