Three+O2: Canning Fok’s rebuttal of UK Regulator is worth a read

Yesterday I was delighted to read Canning Fok’s response to the UK telecom industry regulator in the Financial Times.

Canning, if case you are wondering, is a top chap at CK Hutchison Holdings, owners of Three UK.

You can read the letter here — it’s in the ‘letters’ page so a subscription might be required: Guaranteed: Three+O2’s customers will get more and pay less.

The letter is brilliant. I really like the language used. I respond positively to it.

“…stand up to the new Leviathan BT”.

“…not to mention to the old top-of-the-heap predator Vodafone”

I like the commitments made too — including a guarantee of no price rises on minutes, texts or data for 5 years after the merger.

It’s not often you see this level of direct language from an operator. Three has always been refreshingly different, so I for one would like to see how the market responds to a Three+O2 play, provided the newly massive organisation is able to retain the fleet-of-foot innovation we’ve come to expect from Three UK.

I’m still delighted with my Three service!

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