Three+O2: Canning Fok’s rebuttal of UK Regulator is worth a read

Yesterday I was delighted to read Canning Fok’s response to the UK telecom industry regulator in the Financial Times.

Canning, if case you are wondering, is a top chap at CK Hutchison Holdings, owners of Three UK.

You can read the letter here — it’s in the ‘letters’ page so a subscription might be required: Guaranteed: Three+O2’s customers will get more and pay less.

The letter is brilliant. I really like the language used. I respond positively to it.

“…stand up to the new Leviathan BT”.

“…not to mention to the old top-of-the-heap predator Vodafone”

I like the commitments made too — including a guarantee of no price rises on minutes, texts or data for 5 years after the merger.

It’s not often you see this level of direct language from an operator. Three has always been refreshingly different, so I for one would like to see how the market responds to a Three+O2 play, provided the newly massive organisation is able to retain the fleet-of-foot innovation we’ve come to expect from Three UK.

I’m still delighted with my Three service!

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Three+O2: Canning Fok’s rebuttal of UK Regulator is worth a read”

Having used Three Feel at Home service in the US, it’s good that it’s free but bad that the speed is throttled.

Recent doubling of some tariffs and customer apathy means they can afford a 5 year price freeze. Three and O2 deserve each other…

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