How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

There’s not much time left until the Samsung Galaxy S7, the South Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship, hits the shelves. As expected, this new smartphone doesn’t come cheap, but this is no surprise, as most flagships are pretty expensive when they are first launched.

If you are happy to sign up for a two year contract, most carriers will have the Galaxy S7 available for a better price – but this is outweighed by the disadvantage of being tied to a single carrier during your contract period.

So, what if you want or need to use your brand new phone with another carrier? You’re going to need to unlock it.

Here’s how to do it:

There are three ways to unlock a phone nowadays; by rooting, asking your carrier to unlock it or by using a genuine unlock code.

While rooting is not always efficient and comes with the risk of totally damaging your phone, asking your carrier to unlock your handset can be expensive and time consuming.

The best method of getting your Galaxy S7 unlocked, is with a genuine unlock code.


In order to do it, you need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Find an online unlock code provider. Two of the most reliable choices out there are and, trusted by thousands of users who have successfully unlocked their phones
  2. Place your order
  3. Receive the Samsung Galaxy S7 unlock code and insert it into your phone

Further Info: 

  1. No matter which provider you are with, you’ll need to provide the following information:
  • The name of the network and country on which your phone was originally locked to
  • The phone’s IMEI, which can be found by dialing *#06#
  • A valid email address (to receive the unlock code).
  1. Shortly after placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email, with the unlock code and additional instructions on how to use it.
  1. Finally, the big step. You need to make your Samsung Galaxy S7 ask for the unlock code. To do this, you need to insert a SIM card from an unsupported network, other than the one you’re currently using, and wait for a message like “SIM Network Unlock PIN” to be displayed.
  2. Type the code you just received, and tap “Unlock”.

In a few moments, your phone will be unlocked, giving you the possibility to use it on any network anywhere in the world!

An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 can also help you avoid roaming fees when travelling – by using a local SIM, and you’ll also be able to sell it faster – and at a better price.

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44 replies on “How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7”

Start by inserting a sim from another network just to check its not factory unlocked.
Not every network locks them and some networks lock some but not all and you don’t want to waste your money paying for an unlock code for a factory unlocked unit.
They wont just tell you not to pay them, you need to work this out first!
Finally look in the app store for “Phoneinfo Samsung” to download an app that will give your phones country of sale, lock status as well as the network its locked to (operator code easily looked up on google) and imei all in one place.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will automatically lock on a network after a SIM is inserted, thanks to a new feature implemented by Samsung.

Do I read this as if its locked to a network then you can insert a different network sim and the phone will recognise that fact and work.

No, this only happens once, after a SIM is inserted for the first time, when the phone is brand new.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are not unlocked until you enter a Sim this is false. These phones are programmed by Samsung for specific carriers. That’s why when you turn on your phone you’ll see a specific carries logo on Startup. Also, inserting a different carriers Sim does not always prompt the Network unlock screen which is the problem I’m having. I’ve been given an unlock code by the original carrier of an S7 and I cannot find out how or where to enter this code in. When I power the phone on with a different Sim the phone Powers Up Normally and an invalid SIM message pops up in the drop bar. So I’ve contacted the carrier and since I have an authentic carrier-unlock code I can bring it down to the carrier store and they will complete the unlock setup free of charge. DON’T BELIVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE INTERNET.

Hey Andrew,
First of all, I was talking about contract-free phones. As for the code, let’s not forget that not everybody has an authentic one, from the carrier, so this method will really help them.

First of all LOL this is a contract-free prepaid carrier phone and I went down to the carrier store and they will NOT unlock it even though I have an authentic carrier code. If you really want to help people don’t spout out whatever you hear or read on the internet and do some actual research.

I really need a confirmation. Can I unlock Galaxy S7 with above method or not? I have bought the phone in UK.

I have a sprint samsung galaxy s7. When I insert a sim card from another carrier it just says invalid sim card. I get no prompts…

As far as I know, the method presented above works just for phones locked on GSM networks, not CDMA, like Sprint.

My Tmobile s7 isn’t asking for an unlock code. I placed an at&t Sim card in it. How do I force it to ask for the unlock code?

Hi there,
As far as I know, all T-Mobile USA devices that have the release date after 1st March 2015 can only be unlocked through Device unlock App. For these handsets, you don’t need an unlocking code, as the IMEI will be registered as Unlocked in T-Mobile Database, after placing an order with a code provider. Afterwards, you can download the App from Play Store and select Permanent Unlock.

Since your S7 is released in 2016, this method will work for you! Hope this helps 🙂

Hi i tried this and it didn’t work i bought the code and its still not unlocking how do i force it to ask me for the unlock code.. Same T-Mobile USA and i have s7 edge

Hi Sharon,
Did you placed and order with UnlockUnit or UnlockScope? Ususlly, you also receive instructions on how to unlock the phone, using T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app.

I have recieved an unlock code from vodafone (UK) 16407364
but it does not work when i enter it into my Galaxy S7edge.
Has anyone else had this problem or are Vodafone just being twats?

Hi do not know to which carrier my s7 edge is locked to….how can I unlock my phone??

As far as I know, you can contact these guys and tell them from which country you got the phone and they will be able to figure out the carrier. I’m talking about the unlocking services mentioned in the article, that is.

This article mentions that the options with regards to rooting the
device and asking the mobile carrier to unlock the device are risky and
expensive respectively, and hence it is best recommended to implement
the advantages of a genuine unlock code.

I also have a samsung s7 from boost mobile and it does not ask for the unlock code… please help

Hi – I have a new Galaxy 7 from Office Depot that I was told would work for Sprint. How do I find out what service it is designed for?



Hi Lori,
As far as I know, Home Depot sells unlocked phones. I’d go to a Sprint store and ask them for more details about this. 🙂

If you enter this code in on the dial screen it should get the unlock PIN request to show up. Worked for me. #7465625*638*#

Anyone try it to get a free unlock code from askunlock . net….is not
exactly free,they say is a win win situation, but I dont know what to
say…I registered and get.

Nobody will give you a code for free unless it’s a contest or something. These things cost, being provided by suppliers.

thank you for your email, the devices in this listing are network locked to the carrier(s) listed only. unlocked samsung 7 from reputal seller on ebay what does this mean and how does it affect my camera?

First sentence that has no punctuation came from the ebay seller of the samsung 7. 🙂

It won’t affect your camera at all. Still, be careful with these ebay code sellers…

I purchased a used Samsung s7 on ebay that had been with verizon the guy swore it was unlocked. I have sprint. Long story short it’s been a paper weight on my desk for a month. How can I make this happen?

This is pretty weird. As far as I remember, all Verizon phones are unlocked and they should stay like this.

Hello I found a S7 and I can’t seem to unlock . it keeps coming up Criptix? I have no idea what that is. Can someone please help me?

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