The Impact of Smartphones on Sport

Smartphoes & Sport

Smartphones are now an integral thread in the fabric of our daily lives. According to the latest stats from smsglobal, there are currently just over 1.9 billion Smartphones in circulation around the globe with that number set to top 2.1 billion by the close of 2016.

With countries such as the UK now experiencing 64% market population (39.5 million Smartphones in a country boasting 61.1 million people), it’s fair to say that we’re gripped by mobile madness.

Naturally, this proliferation of mobiles has led to the proliferation of mobile apps with Statista counting more than 100 billion apps across the various stores at the start of 2016.

Mobiles Have Changed the World of Sport

The result of all this is that the way we now consume and access information has altered dramatically in the last decade and one industry that’s benefited from this evolution is the world of sports. PwC predicted that the global sports market would be worth $145 billion globally by 2015 and, with this eventually proving accurate, you can now see more sports-centered mobile apps.

Given the ergonomics of Smartphones, sports outlets of all shapes and sizes have naturally crafted apps to suit their needs. From news providers and sports betting operators to streaming sites and results hubs, you can literally keep track of the sporting world anytime and anywhere.

In fact, if you take a look through the following list of provisions, you’ll see that as Smartphone consumption has increased so too has our consumption of sports.

Watch on the Go

One of the most impressive innovations from the mobile app world with regards to sport is the wealth of streaming apps you can now download.

From major industry players such as ESPN, FOX Sports Go and Sky Sports that offer video highlights to independent Android apps such as Eurovision (operated by the European Broadcasting Union) that show live action, it’s now possible to watch sport from around the world on your mobile.

More Mobile News and Odds

Another product of the mobile revolution has been the growth of mobile sports betting apps and their natural accompaniment, mobile news hubs. Every sports bettor, moreover sports fan, knows that the best way to predict the outcome of an event is to read the latest news and headlines.

Many of the major bookmakers have picked up on this idea and created apps dedicated to news, odds and tips. For example, fans of soccer, tennis, horse racing (or any other sport) can navigate to bet365’s mobile hub and get a rundown of the latest betting news and odds from around the world.

Available with a few touches of your screen, the bookmaker’s stream of updates is penned by industry experts who are trained to pick out the stories that matter to fans and sports bettors alike. From this hub you can then instantly switch to bet365’s betting platform utilize this information to place a bet on the next sporting event.

Social Media Sport

The final way mobile apps have helped increase and improve our consumption of sport is through social media. Just as YouTube and Instagram have launched the “careers” of models, singers and comedians, social media channels have also given fans of sport a chance to offer their own insights into the industry.

Whether it’s previews and reviews or simply a fan ranting on Twitter, it’s now possible to generate a discussion around your favorite sport using nothing more than your mobile and an app. In fact, the most interesting aspect of this is that many of the world’s top sportsmen and women actually interact with fans.

For example, former NBA player Brain Scalabrine was a decent player in his time but never really played more than 19 minutes per game. However, since retiring and taking to social media his personality has earned him a broadcasting position on Comcast SportsNet in Boston which just goes to show the power of these apps.

As Smartphones continue to weave their way further into the fabric of our lives, it’s clear that industries such as the world of sport will continue to evolve and that’s something we should all be thankful for.

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