iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6S – which phone is best for you?



When looking at the iPhone SE one thing that will always be interesting is the fact that Apple never wanted it to be made. A phone that in many ways looks to past models for inspiration, but manages to use the modern iOS is everything that Apple seems to hate. Why go back when you can stick to the mighty iPhone 6S?

The Return of the Old Design vs. New

The iPhone SE with its smaller chassis fits in the hand, unlike the bigger iPhone 6S, which is something that many people will already see as a good thing. The fact that the smallness of the phone is actually an older design though is something that Apple won’t be happy about. They don’t want their fans who buy new phones every year realising that tried and tested designs still work now do they?

What we have to remember though is that some people may want the bigger design of the iPhone 6S, and this is fine. For a smaller phone though, that is more comfortable in the hand and is lighter, the iPhone SE seems to win.

Display Size

This is where the iPhone 6S wins out. With a 4.7 inch LED screen with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels it will always win against the 640×1136 iPhone SE. This means if you are a fan of iPhone casinos you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a bigger screen for games, for reading and more importantly for use with 3D Touch. So in this case the iPhone 6 wins out for functionality.

Processing Power

This is where there is no difference between the two phones. Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S use an Apple A9 chip, which is a Dual-core 1.84Ghz chip. It also uses a PowerVR GT7600 GPU and 2GB of ram. With a smaller screen you could argue that the iPhone SE will run faster, but you probably won’t notice this speed difference.

Putting all of these facts together, which phone is best? The answer to this is to look at the type of phone you want. The iPhone SE may be small, but it is still a powerful phone that can handle what the future will bring. The screen may be smaller, but it can handle all the games you throw at it and look good while trying.

The iPhone 6S is the big powerful beasts that gives you the big screen that somehow feels more quality, when in fact what it really gives you is just more space on the screen. There are plenty of people who like a bigger phone though, so this will be for them.

So while Apple may not have wanted the iPhone SE to exist, it is now here and it holds a lot of promise. With the sleeker design and the fact it fits in your hand easier, there will be many who see this as the selling point for them. What others will see is the fact that the SE always feels like the inferior model. Looking underneath at the power of the two phones though, the only real difference is in the size. And how much does size actually matter?!

By Ewan

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2 replies on “iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6S – which phone is best for you?”

The SE is ***30g*** lighter. That’s a lot.
The batteries are basically identical
Same processor

…so I’m assuming that use-for-use, the SE battery will last longer, as the screen is smaller?

And I don’t want a big phone. The SE size is fine. FINE. Size is the *only* reason I didn’t get a 6. I did not want a bigger phone.

I have probably £200 worth of open and water/shockproof cases/mounts for the 5. This makes me very happy, that when I get an SE they will all just work.

Well done Apple.

Apparently the Geekbench results for both phones are identical, which is weird considering the CPU and clockspeed is the same. You’d think with fewer pixels to drive, the iPhone SE would be slightly faster, though perhaps it’s mitigated by other things such as memory speed/type, etc, etc….

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