News: Deutsche Telekom ICSS partners with Nexmo to provide A2P messaging solution for business critical cloud communications

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), a leading global wholesale carrier, earlier this month announced a partnership with Nexmo, a leading cloud communications company, to further increase delivery quality for mission-critical, application-to-person (A2P) messaging to the Deutsche Telekom Group footprint in Europe and beyond.

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The partnership enables a faster and more effective interaction between consumers and businesses through A2P messaging. People now expect to communicate with businesses anytime, anywhere and via their preferred method, making the quality of communications a business critical need with speed, reliability and ubiquity becoming the gold standard. Nexmo’s business-grade cloud communication platform can easily and quickly scale mobile communications while reducing latency and increasing delivery rates. By working with Deutsche Telekom ICSS, Nexmo is improving the quality of customer communications, as expanding its network of direct carrier connections will decrease the number of “hops” for customer messages.

“We are happy to see that our SMS+ transit solution perfectly fits with Nexmo’s requirements for offering best in class cloud communications solutions, helping propel their customers’ business to the next level,” said Mardia van der Walt, Senior Vice President at ICSS. “With our SMS+ transit solution we deliver a proven technology that meets the substantial demand of Nexmo’s customers in a thriving A2P market. Nexmo is a partner that has both expertise in this space as well as proven technology that can meet the substantial demands of our customers.”

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“Through our new partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS we are expanding our cloud communication expertise to one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, opening a direct link to an effective business differentiator for enterprises locally and worldwide,” said David Vigar, Nexmo’s Director of Carrier Relations. “Our partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS helps us give our customers global reach with local expertise, all through the simplest communication APIs and SDKs.”

Deutsche Telekom’s “SMS+ transit” service allows Nexmo to reach the mobile networks of Deutsche Telekom and its affiliates in Europe and outside of Deutsche Telekom’s footprint through partner networks. “SMS+ transit” is a complete secure and high availability solution from one provider. It ensures reliable, quick and high quality termination of messages.

Additionally, Deutsche Telekom ICSS provides operators worldwide with a protection mechanism against unpaid use of their network. “SMS+ protect” is an SS7-based dynamic protection solution that identifies unwanted SMS messages. It ensures the necessary transparency to proactively tackle the problem of lost revenue due to termination of fake messages without payment.

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