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Product Review: NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 7

Though I’ve never been too affectionate towards phone cases, my clumsiness demands sacrifices. On a weekly basis, I probably drop my phone more than six times on average. Obviously, that is not something to be particularly proud of. In contrast, it means that enclosing my phone in a case is virtually the only guaranteed way to protect it from certain disaster.

The folks over at NuGuard sent over their very own NuGuard KX Case for the iPhone 7, a bulky beast of a case that protects Apple’s device from all kinds of damage. The inside of the case has a velveteen layer which is lined with ‘x-orbing technology’, NuGuard’s version of the impact-absorbing reactive gel. In simple terms, the gel hardens on impact and redistributes the force of the blow or drop across its surface thus reducing the effect. This allows the KX Case to maintain a relatively good bulkiness-to-protection ratio. Furthermore, the technology definitely works wonders.

NuGuard KX Case

Aside from the many videos that are provided by NuGuard’s partners which showcase the durability of the case, our own tests showed similar results. You have nothing to fear if you drop your iPhone 7 as long as it’s safely enclosed within the case. In case you wish to see it for yourself, you can check out the drop test from


Such durability does come at a price, of course. The case is bulkier than many people would like, and pressing the side keys is harder than usual. Though not a deal-breaker, it can obviously get uncomfortable sometimes. The question, of course, is whether you prefer comfort or safety. Aside from pressing the buttons, everything else is very easily accessible including the ports at the bottom of the phone. The camera is perfectly visible and so is Apple’s logo. It feels a bit weird that there is no protection for that part whatsoever but it is highly doubtful that it will pose a problem.

NuGuard KX Case

The back and sides of the case are also big selling points because the texture offers an incredible grip in virtually any situation. The phone feels secure at all times and, even if you drop it, it feels like everything will be fine. Of course, if you had trouble operating your phone with one hand before then the NuGuard KX Case will not make things easier for you.

NuGuard KX Case

On a final note, NuGuard also sent us their very own screen protector, the KX Screen Armor. Though it is not included with the case itself, it is recommended that you also purchase it as it offers a lot of additional protection. The package comes with a microfiber cloth, an alcohol cleaning pad, and a dust removal sticker. That’s everything you need to get a bubble-free protector. When applied correctly, the protector is practically invisible yet it can even “withstand direct impact from a hammer”, according to NuGuard.

If you are looking for a protective case that will shield your iPhone 7 against clumsiness and drops then I would definitely recommend the NuGuard KX Case. It may take a while to get used to it but the safety it offers is surely worth it for some people. You can check out the case in Black, Crimson, and Midnight right here.

By Adam Pothitos

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NuGuard has made a ambitious venture in providing an apt casing for iPhone7 which protects the device from external damages although it has some few disadvantages depending upon the user of the phone.

The KX Screen Armor of the NuGuard provides extra protection for the device and therefore is well suggested to buy it as a seperate product due to the durability of the nearly unobservable protector which withstands even the mightiest of the blows on the smartphone.

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