Lumsing 4GS 12000 mAh powerbank review


We were recently asked to test drive one of these smart (as in good looking – not intelligent) portable powerbanks for Apple devices, made in China for US manufacturer Lumsing who design stylish portable mobile accessories to keep you connected on the go.

My portable charger came in rose gold, which is a pretty good (but not perfect) match for the rose gold iPhone and it also comes in gold and silver.  It is fairly heavy (272 g – which is a little over the weight of a packet of butter) – but is well made with rounded edges and measures approximately 14.3 x 7.3 x 1.5 cms – which is a bit bigger than the iPhone 7 for example.

When it initially arrived in the post, I was surprised to discover there was no charging cable supplied in the box – but soon found out that you can use your iPhone’s Lightning cable to power up the bank, then reverse it to use the bank to charge your device – nifty we thought & certainly saves having to carry around multiple cables when you’re on the move!

The Lumsing 4GS also supports passthrough charging – meaning that you can charge the powerbank from the mains whilst simultaneously charging a connected device – although you will then, of course, require an additional lightning cable.  Useful if you only have one mains socket available though – so you can leave the house or office with a fully charged phone and a fully charged powerbank – which will give you between four and five additional full iPhone charges (depending on the battery size of your particular handset).



The Lightning port is a 10W input, which is slightly less than Apple’s native 12W USB charger and the two outputs offer 15W of combined power – so whilst you can charge both an iPad and iPhone simultaneously, one device will charge faster if plugged in on its own.

You can keep an eye on the powerlevel of the 4GS by pressing a button which lights up 4 little LED indicator lights on the top – so you know when it needs recharging which is helpful.

I guess it would be nice if it came in a little carry case that you could tuck your lightning cable into as well – but that said, it slips nicely into a pocket or bag & is well priced at £22.99 at the time of this review from Amazon. What’s more, enter product code LUM30OFF to get 30% off (offer ends 15/11/2016).


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