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Mobile gaming is on the up


Nowadays, making something accessible to mobile users is a must. This is certainly the case for the gaming industry as online gaming moves away from desktop access to mobile portals. Thanks to apps and mobile-friendly sites, players can enjoy a far superior gaming experience than their desktop counterparts.

The mobile gaming revolution is here in full force, and we are witnessing what gaming connoisseurs are readily describing as the Golden Age of Internet gaming. With a surge in the number of online casinos, it comes as no surprise that the gambling industry is going to capitalize on the mobile gaming market. The vast majority of online casinos or bookmakers feature apps that are freely downloadable for users to enjoy. It doesn’t matter where you go – these attractions are yours to enjoy whenever you want them.

Every year, advancements in mobile gaming technology continue unabated. Phones, tablets and phablets are coming out with nifty processors and amazing features. Throngs of people eagerly rush out to purchase the latest hardware from Android-friendly phones like Samsung, or iPhones and iPads. It doesn’t much matter how functional these latest devices are (Hint! Hint! Apple) – people simply want the latest technology. Much the same is true of the latest Google Play Store and App Store apps. Free to play social games apps, mobile casino apps and sports betting apps are a dime a dozen.

Throughout it all, mobile gaming companies are required to meet the terms of the regulations about who can play, and where mobile games can be offered. But the onus is also on players to comply with the regulations in their country or jurisdiction. Underage gaming is strictly controlled by responsible gaming operators. Responsible gaming entails knowing when to quit, and never wagering more than you can afford to. Mobile gaming devices certainly make it easier to access online gaming, but responsible operators make it clear that the protection of players and the integrity of player accounts be maintained at all times.

The move to mobile has presented casino games developers with multiple challenges. For starters, the perception is that audio-visuals on PC are typically superior to anything available on mobile. Fortunately, there are many inventive ways to provide a seamless experience without distracting from the quality of the gaming. Cutting-edge technology in the mobile arena now allows for the provision of feature-rich casino games that are on par with the best of what’s available on desktop. The lag effect that was such a common feature of mobile gaming has all but disappeared. Nowadays, mobile casino apps present players with the ultimate in animation, imagery and immersion.

The big question on everybody’s mind is the following: Will the online gaming industry adopt a mobile gaming format only? Fortunately for desktop users, this is unlikely to happen. When it comes to online gaming, PC and Mac players really enjoy the desktop experience. This is true for online bookmakers and online casinos, too. As more people turn to Android and iOS mobile devices, we will likely see a greater emphasis on the mobile component.

Regulatory presence is going to play an increasingly larger role in mobile gaming. Geolocation technology, state, provincial and national rules and regulations will also come into effect. Moderating bodies are likely to spring up across multiple gaming jurisdictions. The goal in all instances is to protect player interests, but it will likely cause confusion along the same lines as what the UK endured before gambling laws were relaxed in 2007. Accurate forecasts of changes to the mobile gaming industry are difficult at best. However, it is crystal clear that impressive visuals and multimedia-rich supported content will be front and centre even as restrictions are changing.


By Zach Edgar

Zach is the youngest member of our team and has a passion for mobile gaming, AI and all things 'smart' and 'connected' :)

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