My Top 7 Apps: Lauren McDonough from iData

For today’s top 7 apps we have Lauren McDonough from iData.

iData offers business communications solutions with a range of systems including business mobiles, broadband, VoIP and IT services. The company specialises in connecting all communications devices for a more efficient workplace.

Here is Lauren’s list;

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Lauren McDonough iDataLogMeIn: It requires downloading software (which isn’t free) to computers but LogMeIn is a genius of an app. I can access my whole PC from my phone. It gives me remote access to my computer and certainly makes those trips out of the office much easier.

Google Drive: A lot of my work related documents are saved in Google Drive so it’s good to know that there’s an app. I can retrieve, edit and share files on the go using Google Sheets and Google Docs all in the safety of the cloud.

My Data Manager: A lot of apps nowadays need an internet connection to work. I use My Data Manager to keep track of how much data I have left before its refreshed. It even sends notifications when I’m close to going over my limit.

Pocket: Pocket is great for those times I don’t have time to finish what I’m reading online. Many times I’ll come across something interesting, or even funny, that I want to read or show others further down the line. The app keeps everything in one space, ready and waiting for my return.

Wunderlist: A to-do list with a difference, Wunderlist lets me easily add, edit and mark tasks as appropriate. I like to think I do quite a lot day in and day out so keeping organised is important. I’ve also got a few collaborative folders in there that the whole team contributes to, allowing us to see exactly where we are with a particular job.

Audible: As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved a good book. Now I’m a little older though, I don’t really have as much time as I did to really get stuck into one. Audible almost makes this problem disappear as I can enjoy a book wherever I am. It makes traffic and flights a breeze.

Flow Free: Everybody should have at least one game to unwind with and for me it’s Flow. The basis is extremely simple – connect coloured dots. It’s harder than it sounds though and there is a Daily Puzzles feature so there’s always new levels, even after you’ve completed the main ones.

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Thanks to Lauren for this list of apps. Wunderlist has always been a popular choice on lists, easy to see why!

Find out more about iData on their website, twitter and Facebook.

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By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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