Samsung SGH-E700… now with Android?

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Choosing the right mobile deal

Image by sam_churchill used under CC license
Image by sam_churchill used under CC license

With so much choice for consumers, choosing the right mobile phone deal can be a challenging task, even for hardened bargain hunters. The mobile phone market has never been so saturated with high quality products and tempting offers. The device and deal that you eventually decide upon will depend on how much you use your device and what you use it for. It’s unlikely that you will fall into one category of user, and budgetary constraints will influence your choice too. Here are a few key things to consider:

Many people will have experienced being stuck on a tariff that doesn’t suit them for years on end: not a great situation. According to, British people send an average of 68 texts a month and make 247 minutes of voice calls. First things first, if you use substantially less call time or texts than this then a ‘Pay As You Go’ deal may well be the best option for you. This way you can control your spend.
On the other hand, if you are a frequent caller, texter and internet user then you should definitely be thinking about signing a contract. For example O2’s latest Iphone 6 contract means you’ll pay £39.99 upfront followed by £35 a month for a 24 month period. This gets you 5GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. If you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7 you could go for BT’s latest deal: £20 upfront again followed by £35 a month for 24 months. However, this slightly cheaper deal only gets you 3GB data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. Comparison sites will help you drill down to the perfect deal.
Image by Janitors used under CC license
Image by Janitors used under CC license
It’s very important to have a handset with the right user experience for you. Apple handsets are great if you want something that’s both intuitive to use and compatible with the hottest new apps. If you are looking for greater hardware choice and more control over user experience then opt for an Android device. Cameras can often be the deciding factor between two high performance handsets – most agree that Samsung have a slight edge over the competition in this regard.
Handset only deals
Handset only deals are quite common – as the name suggests, this is when you purchase the handset on its own, before buying a SIM plan from another provider. After a relatively pricey initial outlay, this can save you money in the long run (there are also handset finance plans available). The main bonus of this kind of deal is that your phone won’t be locked to a single network. For more information on handset only deals take a look at this handy guide.
In the mid-noughties many predicted that our phones would get smaller and smaller. But, as phones have continued to turn into our own personal computers and landlines have gone extinct, they have swelled in size. Bigger screen sizes (5.5 inches or more) are great for watching videos and playing games, but they’re not for everyone. Try out different sizes in the shop and see which one is right for you.
Storage and battery life
With high resolution photos and videos, GB gobbling games and apps to contend with, it’s best to go for as much storage as possible. Look for a minimum of 16GB-32GB if you are a keen photo/videographer. These days you can purchase microSD cards to help expand your storage – these are available for Galaxy S7 and HTC and can boost your storage to over 100GB.
Before taking our insurance on your phone – which can be pretty expensive – check that you aren’t already covered by your home insurance. If you aren’t covered, make sure that you shop around and don’t simply opt for the deal offered by you network – you could be missing out on a big saving.

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