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The most visually innovative mobile games of recent times

Mobile gaming has delivered all gaming fans a pocket-sized solution to their gaming needs. But it’s not just the incredible convenience that has helped mobile gaming overtake traditional console games, as everything from strategy games to casino titles are starting to boast some seriously impressive graphics.

A quick look at the previews of the upcoming Dawn of Titans instantly shows just how far things have come since the pixellated days of Snake. With richly detailed 3D graphics that are capable of providing stunning representations of everything from waterfalls to even the shadows of trees, it’s helped strategy games enter an exciting new era.


A big part of the reason why mobile games have become more graphically complex, is thanks to the widespread use of HD technology on our smartphones. Everything from zombie-shooters like Dead Trigger 2 to racing titles like Need for Speed: Most Wanted now makes full use of HD technology to deliver smoother graphics and a richer palette of colour choices.

Even something as simple as a puzzle game must now feature highly individual graphics if it hopes to stand a chance in the saturated mobile gaming market. That’s why titles like Monument Valley have become massive hits, as the soft and luxurious colours perfectly complement the ingenious optical illusion-based gaming.


It’s a concept that also applies to the fiercely competitive realm of casino gaming. Slots fans not only get to enjoy asking themselves if they will find a full moon on the Wolfheart game at the Mr Smith Casino site, but the pleasing design and striking imagery also help it stand out from the pack.

Even some of our favourite vintage console games are starting to be adapted for the graphically-advanced mobile gaming age. As well as updating the likes of Grand Theft Auto, the ever-reliable Rockstar Games have even revamped the PlayStation 2 classic, Bully, in a way that shows how mobile HD graphics are way more advanced than that of the old-school consoles.


Although many of the biggest mobile gaming hits like Minecraft have revelled in the chunky pixellated graphics of yesteryear, it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue into the age of augmented and virtual reality gaming.

Whilst the current range of mobile VR games is still in its infancy, with the advent of 5G technologies, it looks like everything from our casino games to our strategy titles will all start to look much more realistic.

By Zach Edgar

Zach is the youngest member of our team and has a passion for mobile gaming, AI and all things 'smart' and 'connected' :)

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