Online gambling continues to grow thanks to smartphone usage


The Growth of Online Gambling is accelerating at a rapid pace largely due to the ease and accessibility of applications through smartphone devices.

It was back in 1996 that Online Gambling was born with the first online casino accepting the first real money wager. Since then, the sector has seen an astronomical rise, and the advent of Smartphones has only pushed that growth further on.

In 2013 the online gambling market size was $35.5 Billion, in 2016 that rose to $45.8 Billion and for 2017 a predicted rise to $50.6 Billion is expected.

That rise of nearly $5 billion per annum is a staggering amount of growth with no signs of slowing down, and if anything may well see acceleration.

There are an estimated 2 billion Smartphone users globally, that is 2 billion people with easy access to a whole host of online gambling applications which can be downloaded for free with easy real money deposit options at the touch of a button. Consumers are so spoilt for choice that they usually have to visit online comparison sites like Your Mobile Casinos just to decide where they want to play.

The temptation to hit the roulette table or play a few hands of Poker whilst tackling the daily commute is something that simply did not exist 20 years ago, and makes the future of the market even more exciting.

In 2013, a report by the Guardian showed that 4.3% of all smartphone users have downloaded a sports/Casino related betting app.

Mobile adverts have played a huge part in this also, with 71% of people surveyed by Gambling Insider, admitting they have downloaded a gambling related app after seeing an advert.

There are simply hundreds of opportunities to gamble online through your smartphone either through an app or through the internet accessibility on your phone.

More and more apps are being added every week and the sector is becoming slightly crowded so most larger casino related apps rely heavily on advertising, with the above stat you can see why.

Predicting the continued growth of the sector is difficult with the constant edition of new technology. Surely it is only a matter of time before people can play live VR casino tables through their smartphones.

However, a majority of industry researches have predicted the market will continue to grow at between 3-5% annually. That kind of growth makes it one of the most steady, consistent rapid rises of any market out there.

Whatever becomes ‘the next big thing’ in the tech world, there is one thing you can be assured off, the online gambling market is going nowhere.

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