Best and Worst Graphic Mobile games

While some games are good on the eye, others are so grotesque that our retinas are forever burnt and offended at being exposed to such gruesome content. To save your eyes the pain of sifting out the beauties from the grotties, we have sorted out the best and worst graphics of some of the mobile games out there on the market right now.

Here, then, are a shortlist of some of the best and worst graphics on games for mobiles:

Good: Bully


This latest addition to Rockstar’s mobile catalogue is Bully: Anniversary Edition, first launched ten years ago for the home consoles of the time. For fans of the original, this title should need no introduction and, even those less familiar can probably guess from the name that this takes the GTA formula perfected by Rockstar and pours it into a public-school environment. The mobile release is technically a second remaster of the game (there was a Scholarship Edition released a few years back), and comes with all the tweaks, higher resolution graphics, better lighting plus a new multiplayer mode, which, in many ways, makes it also the most defining game in one of the few Rockstar titles to be limited to one run out. Like GTA and Red Dead Redemption, Bully is an open world adventure game. Here though, you play as a young boy called Jimmy who attends the private boarding school, Bullworth Academy. The main point of the game is to bring peace to the school and getting everyone to like you, forcefully naturally.

Bad: Minecraft Pocket Edition

OK, we know that heavily pixelated graphics are kind of the point to Minecraft and its little mobile brother, Pocket Edition, and to complain about them would be to miss the point entirely, but come on, would this admittedly popular series not be more enjoyable with shiny new HD graphics? The design and survive in your own world online phenomenon is so popular that it has been elevated to the higher platform reserved for “games so good they have inspired movies” with a cinema telling of a Minecraft story on its way, so the developers may argue not, but I still think we could do better chaps. The whole point of this miniature spinoff is to provide Minecraft on the go and, aside from the purposely hideous graphics, is almost there and certainly as close as we are likely to get to the real thing right now.

Good: Casino Rush

The Canadian owned poker room, PokerStars, is actually the most popular online poker room in the world and, in a duel strategy attempt at reaching an even higher audience are a.) targeting recreational players and b.) branching out with other game types. Like Casino Rush, a play money poker-themed casino game which takes the premise of an app filled with real casino games, all given a neat poker twist. It includes games like Swap the Flop, Hold’em Switch, Double Ditch Hold’em and All-in Poker Split, all of which run smoothly and look luscious graphically. Obviously, the game exsits purely to draw you into the world of online casinos and pique your interests. If it does, it is fortunate that in Canada we have excellently liberal laws around online gaming so if you do wish to try an online casino for real money then you are free to do so. Not everyone is this fortunate, which might explain why Canadians, more than most, have embraced the notion of casinos and online gaming altogether.

Bad: Mega Man Series

The first six episodes of the brand spanking new Mega Man series were released for smartphones this January, not that you would know it from the state of its 8-bit graphics. However, as poor as the graphics are, they are only one part of a terrible whole package. This is largely because, like Bully done badly, it is merely an updated port of the home console era it hails from, in this case the NES originals from the mid-nineties. And it shows as the designers Capcom Mobile have spent the intermittent 20-years plus neglecting to give things a polish. The controls haven’t translated well either, making the whole thing a rather messy experience.

Good: Hearthstone

The online card game Hearthstone has attracted a large audience of keen e-sports players and fans of other strategical card games such as poker. This should give a kind of early idea as to what expect if you are thinking of joining the ever-increasing community of Hearthstone fans, of which there are plenty. And not without good reason either, as the game is graphically gorgeous and provides immense social fun. The brains behind the app are games designers Blizzard, responsible for so many of these popular strategy games. Here, players play in a strategical turn-based battle, set in a world of spells, monsters and dragons. At the heart of the game’s engine is a deck of digital cards, which move the game forward where your goal is to collect, craft and refine the perfect battle winning set.

Bad: Prison Life RPG

This one is horrible in both theory and practise. Even without the grotesque idea, the execution is just so painfully poor that it is amazing this found enough funding ever to have become a thing in the first place. Obviously, the graphics are ugly and crude bit so too is the material. Even forgiving the terrible script and thoroughly irritating music, the level of offence applied to the stereotypes stoops the whole shebang to an even lower level, particularly the section where you have to pick up the soap. All this just so you can role play the idea of entering a prison at the very bottom before aligning yourself with a gang prior to starting out your way to the top of the prison food chain. Charming.


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