Must-have travel apps for 2017

GONE are the days of packing a map, toys for the kids and a tour guide when going on holiday. All of this and more can now be found in the palm of your hand, with a phone full of apps.

With thousands of on the market, knowing which ones are worth that precious memory on a smart phone can be a difficult choice, so the experts at travel company airFair have selected the top five travel apps for 2017 – essential companions on your next trip away.

Travel List App

Travel List

First things first – packing. Some hate it, some love it, but either way it has to be done. Put down the pen and paper and let the Travel List app do all of the organising. The app allows you to easily create lists to make sure no items are missed from the suitcase. Reminders can also be set for anything which needs to be packed last minute, such as phone chargers and medication.

Not just a useful app for the packing stage, as reminders can also be set throughout the holiday.
Air Fare App



Going on holiday is an exciting time, but flight delays can sometimes throw a spanner into the works. There are some cases where compensation is owed – so it’s not all bad!

Research has shown that 95% of people who are entitled to compensation due to a delayed flight don’t claim it, and even those who do are not always successful when handling it direct with the airlines.

With airFair, the UK’s first flight delay compensation app, consumers only need their booking reference or flight number to launch a claim – and even without that information, a check can be made using a departure date and destination airport.



Learning foreign languages can be tongue tying, but Duolingo can help to make the process, interactive and easier to pick up.

You likely won’t become fluent in another language after using the app however it should do the trick with learning the basics, with Spanish, French, German and Italian just some of the languages available.


Google Maps

Google Maps

It might seem like an obvious choice but Google Maps is a must-have app for travelling, especially if the destination is unfamiliar. It’s not just directions which it will be useful for, as it also offers traffic updates, public transport information and city tours.


XE Currency

How much does that pina colada cost again? Budgeting on your holiday can always be a struggle and it is sometimes difficult to work out how much something is costing, and before you know it, all of that hard earned spending money is gone.

The XE Currency app allows currencies to be calculated on the go by accessing live exchange rates. It is updated constantly and also functions offline – handy if there is no Wi-Fi available!


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