Apple WWDC 2017 Roundup

The Apple WWDC 2017 keynote has now wrapped up. For those of you who did not manage to catch the event or did not want to sit through every announcement, we have compiled a list of the conference’s most important announcements right here.


One of the biggest announcements of WWDC 2017 was HomePod, Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home. The long-rumored speaker is more or less exactly what you would expect as it represents Apple’s version of a speaker/digital assistant hybrid.


Users will be able to interact with the HomePod via Siri and will be able to use a bunch of Apple services in the process. Apple Music is the star of the show but the speaker will more or less be able to do anything that Siri can do.

The speaker will offer hi-fi audio and uses spatial awareness to fill the room with music. As is the case with Google and Amazon, Apple’s HomePod represents the company’s first step into a wider smart home ecosystem, the details of which remain to be seen.

The HomePod will launch in December in the US, Australia, and UK with a price tag of $349.

Software updates across the board

Every Apple OS platform is receiving a number of different updates with iOS and macOS taking center stage. Apple announced several tweaks for iOS 11 including an updated interface, a redesigned Control Center, an improved App Store, and more.

There are several features to go through and anyone interested in learning about all the details can head to Apple’s iOS 11 Preview page. The most interesting updates, by far, concern the iPad which will now be a far more powerful device with desktop-like capabilities.

Siri will also be the recipient of several upgrades, including the ability to translate text and an automatic “Do Not Disturb” mode while driving. In addition to that, Apple’s virtual assistant will be more contextually aware.

On the macOS side, the upcoming version of the desktop OS will be called High Sierra. One of the most interesting updates will come to Safari as it will now block site trackers as well as auto-playing videos.

In contrast, tvOS received practically no love at all except for the fact that Amazon Prime subscribers will finally be able to watch their shows and movies on Apple’s platform.

New Macs and iPads

All new MacBook Pros will now come with the latest Kaby Lake processors along with faster SSDs. On top of that, there are now more powerful iMac models with better displays and USB-C.

For those who need the very top of the line, Apple also unveiled some details of the Space Gray iMac Pro, with the base version coming at $4,999 that will ship in December with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, support for two 5K displays, and more.

As for the iPads, there is now a 10.5-inch model that is roughly the same size as its processor due to smaller bezels and an improved 12.9-inch model. Both will come with vastly improved displays with dynamic refresh rates.

Those are the most important announcements of WWDC 2017. What did you think of this year’s keynote? Let us know in the comments!

By Adam Pothitos

Adam has been keenly interested in the mobile and marketing industries for as long as he can remember. He believes that the mobile and digital evolutions have completely transformed our world and wants to be a close part of that ever-shifting landscape. Towards that end, he has written for a number of online publications on matters of the mobile market, the computer industry, and all kinds of technology. When he’s not dealing with technology, he’s always interested in some good discussions on psychology.

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