Hello, I’m back

Hello dear reader. It’s me, Ewan.

First, let us deal with email permissions. Quite a lot of people used to receive updates by email. It’s been a few years – at least 2.5 years – since anything was posted on Mobile Industry Review and therefore ages since you received an email. So please do use the unsubscribe link if this is not for you.

I am intending posting one or two things on a regular basis on-going.

If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on, it was Nordea. I moved to Denmark and joined Nordea Bank as Chief Digital Officer on the 1st of September 2016 and at that point I felt it was rather unwise to continue to blog as … directly… as I had been doing in the past. The big issue – I felt – was separating my own opinions from that of the Nordea Group of companies.

This is day 6 of my gardening leave – that time when I’ve left the company but I’m still technically connected to them – before actually leaving formally at the end of December. It has been an absolute, total blast. I posted the announcement here on LinkedIn a few weeks ago if you’re curious.

I must thank Adam who kept things moving when I wasn’t able to post anything back in 2016. Adam’s second last post – still on the front-page at the moment – is about Android Oreo ‘coming soon’! How times have changed, eh?

One thing I have managed to keep going is the awesome Three Six One (“361”) Podcast with my colleagues Ben and Rafe. I wrote keep going there, but we did, last year, have a bit of an extended break, mostly on account of Rafe being promoted (see para 5) to Chief Product Officer at leading digital agency, Digitas London. Ben was also somewhat busy revolutionising the (now award winning) British Passport agency’s digital presence. If you haven’t caught 361 recently, do check us out. We are now on Season 17!

Thanks for reading. I’ll post some more soon.

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