What’s better? Sky Broadband or BT Broadband?

I’m moving back to the UK and, therefore, I need to get my internet connectivity sorted out. Here in Denmark I have 500mb broadband at home. I had to work really hard to avoid ordering the 1GB ‘hyperfast’ connectivity as I didn’t think we needed it.

Back in the UK, I have consulted the always helpful Samknows broadband availability website and found that in my postcode there are the following services available:

Now then… previously at this property, three years ago, I used BT Broadband in the past. It was fine.

I’m wondering, since I have the choice, should I be choosing Sky Broadband or BT Broadband? Or maybe even TalkTalk?

I would obviously like the fastest and most reliable.

Or… practically speaking, is it simply a reality that nowadays it’s basically the same pipe and the same equipment (effectively) in the exchange?

BT SuperFast Fibre 2 is available offering up to 73mb download… although we’re only 600 metres from the exchange. Alas it doesn’t appear to have been upgraded to handle the hyper speeds I’d reaaaaally like.

And there’s no 5G availability at the moment.

So… what would you do? Is there a right or wrong answer here?

By Ewan

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